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Inspiration: an exchange about Putin’s tolerance of opposition kept powerless and underscored by the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.

What makes for tragedy is the difference between made up problems and difficult real ones. I believe Americans want to do with real problems through an authentic democracy, not made-up problems concocted by the immense power of a totalitarian and evil state. The challenge for Americans and others in the remaining democratic and liberal societies (of the west) involves apprehension of states of affairs as a function of education x time. So-called “Sheeple” may be led by an attractive political cant — line of rant — that echoes their own unexplored sentiments. That, I believe, happened in Germany — and it could happen here.

BackChannels hopes for “Radical Moderates” in the form of Representatives and Senators who a) comprehend President Putin’s absolute authoritarianism and feudal practices and the methods in play for producing an autocratic “populism” and “New Nationalism” in EU/NATO, and b) wish to assert and defend the ethics, ideals, principles, and values associated with advanced and classically liberal democracies.