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IT was alien.

WE were unprepared!

WE panicked.

HE declared war and laid claim to emergency Presidential powers.

The Nation — and its governors — Blundered Big Time!

Event: business owners and workers protest today in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 18, 2020. Photo by Michelle Vezina Peterlin and edited by J. S. Oppenheim

Even the most dumb of politicians know that when a business or person has been shut down financially–and however that may have happened–the whole community suffers the loss of that entity’s earning, investing, spending, and tax contributing power.

A “tax base” is never a printing press.

America’s COVID-19 episode is worse than that, for the businesses and persons “stood-down” represent the base of the economy from which money trickles up!

Bars, restaurants, events?

That’s America’s soul: where we dine; where we meet; what we do and what we talk about afterward.

When COVID-19 “national uptake” began, we really didn’t know what we were facing.

We know today.

COVID-19 morbidity appears well associated with age — 55/65-85 — and persons, younger and older, with serious other health degrading issues, i.e., those more vulnerable and less able to weather the intruder. Whether created in a laboratory or evolved in nature and passed through to humans, COVID-19 has turned out a fascist’s wet dream, i.e., a deadly pathogen certain to cull a portion of the old and / or weak. Well, today we know that not everyone contracts C19 (but may) and most certainly, not everyone becomes seriously ill with it, and of those who do encounter continuous coughing (my case) or shortness of breath, not everyone dies of it.

COVID-19 has proven itself survivable — and perhaps by all still “well” enough (x age and ability at encounter) to fight back.

Why are Americans not working?

Our governments — Federal defense, emergency preparedness, and security elements — were supposed to have been prepared as were State Emergency Management Agencies and National Guard.

Where was that preparedness?

Where was that flexibility and capacity to procure or produce field hospitals, staff, and ventilators? To quell disinformation and public panic? To fight back while sustaining business and livelihoods despite the misery?

What a poor showing has been made of this encounter with a relatively mild even in the “CBRN Warfare” type category!

It should come as no surprise that Americans en masse have been angered by the loss of control over their own lives and fates. Powerful governments — but only so powerful as the cooperation of their military and police — have stepped in to “flatten the curve” (mission accomplished!) while coming up to speed in treatment and death-related services far at the expense of the nation’s complex and integrated business and social organization and financial prowess.

Now we’re going to borrow or print tons of money while perhaps (think ahead) having a fight with China over American debt held in bonds.

Before anything else, Let’s get America Back To Work!

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