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I don’t know how bad the Draconian fascist / socialist COVID-19 edicts may really be given two broad variables: the ratio of confirmed infections to morbidity. In the rural county in which I live, we have had 173 confirmed “cases” and three related deaths, or 173:3 or 0.0173 (so far).

Also, I keep in mind both my unreported experience and the plain fact that on the side (made it!), I have never breathed more clearly or deeply in my life.

Who am I threatening with C19 and who is threatening me that I must wear a mask?

The classical liberalism of conservative Americans suggests the nation has not only bungled the handling of an alien virus but too willingly given over and been driven from businesses and jobs to assuage fears built up by those who today knowingly convey big infection numbers while minimizing information related to death: how old was each “victim” and with what prior conditions in play, including related exhaustion and stress on the way to catching C19?

How many nursing home grandmas have to die before family and others realize that getting up there in age becomes just plain risky no matter what? Add the complication of preexisting conditions. BackChannels has now often reminded its readers that of 328 million Americans, it is perfectly normal for 2.813 of the same to die (from all causes) in the course of a year.

Add age, infirmity, or otherwise deeply compromised health, and, yes, C19 has just made those operating conditions a little more interesting.

From the Awesome Conversation (Online)

Declaring a National Emergency in haste and watching that power transfer to governors intent on saving face while accomplishing political agendas appears to have handed over to the same unchecked power. I’m calling this massive phenomenon stoked by fear and made broadly controlling “Yo-Yo Fascism and Yo-Yo Socialism”. Governor: “May we . . . ” drink in a bar, go to church, worship together in warm company (“Zoom” ain’t hackin’ it), or go out and get lost in the garden center of the hardware store without wearing the Hijab of Science Nazis?

This is not about reasonable and reasoning conservatives or liberals although some zealots would like everything evil to be identified with their blue or red flag enemies: the willingness to wear the mask may have to do with the near impossibility (for the moment) of organizing a smart opposition to such display both of power and ready acquiescence to it.

Yo-Yo Fascism & Yo-Yo Socialism

American political power has acquired the rope needed for strangling freedom.

It’s attached to COVID-19 and the impression believed about it. When it appears to be receding, the rope may be let out a little bit; when it appears to be resurgent, it may be tightened.

In natural and normal American custom, we are each responsible in reasonable measure for our own practical personal defense, financial, health, and security needs. We do the things we need to do, and we don’t expect our healthy neighbors to alter their behavior to accommodate what in general have been regarded as special needs.

If you need to live in an hermetically sealed bubble, do it, but don’t ask or expect your fellow American to play along with you or nod in social agreement while steaming silently over what today’s policies have done to his business, employment, and family.

Once an public emergency has fully emerged, it ends.

The rest is public policy and either in keeping with the nation’s Constitution or not.