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Perhaps by overreacting to the Man Above It All — or HE who believes he is — we have been following Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is not a businessman.

Dr. Fauci is not an economist.

Dr. Fauci is not (yet) among the line level workers in entertainment and retail services damaged or shuttered by compelled COVID-19 mask-wearing and social distancing “requirements” driven by generally unconstitutional administrative and Draconian edicts.

Dr. Fauci is not a politician.

Of America’s population of 328 million souls, more than 2.813 million Americans die annually of all causes.

Morbidity associated with COVID-19 remains associated with ageing and preexisting conditions.

Note that in the post-WWII “Baby Boom” generation, America has the certain challenge of retiring and burying within the next ten to twenty years an entire generation of notable Americans and the more general “population bubble” that has been theirs through life. The oldest of that generation is today 75 years old.

Dr. Fauci has been a myopic public health policy analyst whose mission has been restricted to preventing the spread of disease and thereby saving or extending lives. That has been a laudable crusade, but as thrown “candy” (Trumpian stimulus checks) fall short of needs and state unemployment support or related systems also fall short or fall away, lives may be lost to increasing crime and suicide as desperation and inevitable displacement become American realities.

Worse: COVID-19-related peonage — mass indebtedness — may lead to a new unconscionable enslavement of formerly independent Americans. Keep in mind this failure, so far, from the Trump Era — Foxconn, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. Related: “Foxconn Suicides”, Shenzhen, China.

Whatever the nominal economic doctrine in force, all depends on the taxing or taking of tribute from the various sources of economic productivity. As productivity, however defined, diminishes, the value in tax or tribute diminishes. In the integrated social capitalism of the west, contraction within the tax base first pressures and then diminishes also necessary and responsive public service. Entire systems of civil order and the orderly and prudent distribution of a responsible government’s portion of wealth and the obligations built around its abilities risk collapse while inviting even more disastrous “disequilibrium” and “revolution” — and criminal activity in the name of it.

Had America a leader in which The People had invested both confidence and love, we might well have faced our fears, built our capacity to treat COVID-19 cases (without wrecking other hospital services in the process) and, alas, to briefly store and bury the related dead, albeit at a pace not much higher than normal and expected. With a President who has outraged the nation, alienated a growing population of conservative Republicans, and made enemies — even when he tells the truth! — with every other tweet, that leadership appears doubtful.

Perhaps by overreacting to the Man Above It All — or HE who believes he is — we have been following Dr. Fauci.