In Trump’s World, power has in part turned out the power to condemn and demean without substance: “Fake News!” “Crooked Hillary!” “A real nut job” (referring to James Comey while chatting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in 2017), and so on. Applying the most medieval, primitive, and tribal of techniques — name calling! ๐Ÿ™‚ — it should come as no wonder that an admirer suggest he must have a second term with which to prosecute those whom he has capriciously accused of wrongdoing.

From the Awesome Conversation

Addressing he who had named names (like Hillary Clinton) that had been marked for investigation at Trump’s behest —

They’re not criminals.

Trump is this man:

Trump is the man who inspired books like this one: — and this one: They are both extraordinary books, well documented, clearly told.

Trump has been the kind of man who fires people like this:

Trump is the kind of man who hires for a campaign manager someone like this one: &

Trump expected criminal behavior from this guy — and got it:

Trump, the working man’s President, couldn’t wait to brag the line reported here:

Trump has inspired his opposition from within the Republican Party: — and every single video represents someone who has been for a long time conservative, Republican, and conscionable.

You gotta love who he lets into his buildings:

I’ve started to wonder what kind of people now insist on defending Trump.

Trump’s acumen as a businessman has been legendary — — and possibly nowhere more so than with New York’s attorney general whose legitimate investigations (acknowledged so by the Trump organization) have been so far stymied by lack of cooperation ( .

Perhaps some here will reconsider the purpose of having caged themselves in the reactionary echo chamber of conservative and once moderate politics.

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