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Posted to YouTube by ATZMedia Official October 13, 2020.

Reference | Irina Tsukerman: https://www.washingtoninstitute.org/experts/view/irina-tsukerman#bio

One giant chunk of asphalt landed on the roof of Sergei’s block of flats. He accuses Azerbaijan’s closest ally, Turkey, of fuelling the war and encouraging the violence. To counter that, many in Nagorno-Karabakh want Russia to side openly with Armenia and provide military support. Sergei doesn’t believe that will happen.

“I used to respect [President Vladimir] Putin,” he says, “but he betrayed us long ago.

“He does business with Turkey. He’s building them a nuclear power station. What Putin needs to realise is that if we’re destroyed, the whole of the Caucasus and southern Russia will end up under Turkish rule. If we die, so will Russia.”

10/14/2020/0500/GMT -4

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Note: Nagorno-Karabakh hosts gas and oil pipelines between sources and world markets (e.g., ref., https://www.reuters.com/article/us-armenia-azerbaijan-energy/energy-markets-on-edge-over-armenia-azerbaijan-conflict-idUSKBN26J225 9/28/2020).

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