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Posted to YouTube January 22, 2018.

A fellow said to me last week that he took up law because there was no money or point to having taken a degree in philosophy.

He was wrong.

Are the humanities the “icing on the cake” of civilization — or the yeast that gives rise to civilization?

If you are American — or modern as opposed to feudal or medieval — you are part of a great western experiment and experience that has for its foundation Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman history, both beautiful in parts and in some horrendous (the signals of the end may be read in the inhumanity of Caligula and Elagabalus).

E Pluribus Unum

However arrived or stanced, we may all agree on our commitment to our Constitutional mission and the reshaping of so many fears and passions in the face of changing demographics and the presence of advancing and revolutionary communication and other technologies.

We have been witness to at least two NATO states marching forward into the past — Hungary and Turkey — and we should wonder why WE should have wanted to do that ourselves.

Well, that was a bit Hyde Park, wasn’t it?


Here’s a glimpse into how I believe we got here and became so temporarily given to an autocratic/authoritarian and medieval old nutty soul.

https://www.businessinsider.com/exploring-al-qaedas-murky-connection-to-russian-intelligence-2014-6 I believe: 9/11 Reflexive Control -> New Nationalism EU/NATO -> +Syrian Tragedy (refugees) -> Boost for American Christian White Nationalism & Supremacism

It takes a little patience to get the Moscow-in-America story and what it portended — or still portends — for authentic dignity, freedom, and security in America as well as a compassionate and working politics that adds to our national — and natural — political cohesion and coherence.

In consideration of present and future generations, a little intellectual exploration into the greater and more accurate image of our working democracy might be worth it.

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