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The “they” should be “thy”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I don’t know how I missed “typos” and apologize for such errors. Fresh eyes? Proofing? I try.

Advice to Black Lives Matters and others who have taken up the cause of destroying American memory in its totality: let the past remain where it fell and where it has been remembered, but while attending to that preservation of memory, let’s build a better nation now and for the future. Since the Civil Rights Era — and from before it and far after — American political activists have confronted prejudice and sought corrections. Well, we are all still on it.

No truth (clear, complete, accurate, valid, reliable)?

No justice ever!

America’s Civil War ended the institution of slavery in America and affirmed the Federal government as sovereign throughout. It didn’t erase evil; it didn’t fix the more venal of hearts; it didn’t redress wrongs: what it did was set a much, much better course in and through our collective democratic modernity.

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Trump in June stunned NATO allies and senior DoD leaders when he directed the withdrawal of thousands of troops from Germany. Days later, he blindsided the Pentagon yet again by tweeting his opposition to the removal of Confederate leaders’ names from Army bases, just two days after Esper opened the door to doing so.

Politico – “Trump expected to keep Esper at the Pentagon despite clashes” – 11/7/2020.