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Posted to YouTube October 28, 2020.

My conversational partner, a Canadian, fervently believes in the latest medieval rumor “Hammer and Scorecard” — a “Deep State” plot to pervert the election via the computing machinery — launched by the now surreal President Donald J. Trump.

From the Awesome Conversation

You should hate the kind of people who lie to you in order to keep you seduced for THEIR — not YOUR OWN — political purposes.




Trump and his cronies know that YOU cannot check out his claims yourself, and by attempting to derail the most dedicated and professional workers in his own government and in the press, he can get you to believe anything HE wants while delivering not very much at all to America’s working men and women.

Remember, our small business community and voters in all of the communities of labor across the land voted for Biden too.

I would love to have you reason critically about beliefs that have become familiar to you but have no basis in reality.

Fear mongering; rumor mills; accusations in a mirror — what HE would do himself, he accuses his opposition of doing to him . . . such have become the medieval tactics now being launched through Donald J. Trump’s political machinery. The victims of President Trump’s false claims and myriad lies are not his critics or America’s journalists or his business rivals — those most exploited are his own and most devoted fans who must turn their backs on the truth and swim into the chaos and darkness he prefers to have swirling around him.

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