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Is America sure it did the right thing? And why has he any support left? Are his followers dumb? Are the trolls on Facebook that good? Have Americans really wanted a “mafia state” of their own?

From the Awesome Conversation


Trump chose Paul Manafort for his first campaign manager.



Trump and his organization “lies up” his projects, screwing his subcontractors out of untold millions. The Taj was just one project “inspiring” countless lawsuits.


There’s a lot more, especially as regards the Russian story.

Russia is a nationalist dictatorship under Putin.



What more do you want?


The Internet Research Agency trolled for Trump.

The truth about Russian-borne disinformation: it’s designed to break us apart, Far Left and Far Right. Americans who lean Left have become (with disinfo) suddenly Communist and those leaning right get salted as something like white Christian nationalist extremists . . . .

The country has had four long years with this guy, and it voted him out.