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For many in the States, the American breakfast table with its coffee and morning news, the blessing or curse (both) of close family, the coffee and pancakes, and the “hey, Martha, listen to this” off the headlines has been replaced by the wake-up brew slurped by the nation’s (the world’s) keyboard warriors. So it goes, and what caught my eye on Twitter first thing was a tweet (long lost when I tried to find it again) on Cruz assenting to defend Trump’s mind-bending effort to run around the relationship between the state’s voters and Electoral College representatives.

Related and Recent Online — https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-joe-biden-donald-trump-pennsylvania-ken-paxton-b1451249400026effe93cf4e080a9d91 (12/9/2020).

With relation to all of the above, the Far Out Left’s historical power-seizing mantra “By any means necessary!” appears revived on the dark heights of the nation’s Far Wrong Right in its fraud-fishing efforts to have Biden win reversed.