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Where is one to start taking apart the chaos brought to America by Russian Active Measures, President Trump, the Strident White Right (say it three times fast) — the United States this day has reaped with others less noble, less honorably motivated, have sown.

Welcome the whirlwind and hope it goes away soon.

Start with this guy — Paul Manafort (https://www.businessinsider.com/paul-manafort-russia-ties-2017-10 – 8/1/2018 (“What we know about Paul Manafort’s tangled web of connections to Russia”). Then move on to the list of felons and ne’er do wells — CNN has one: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/20/politics/trump-bannon-law-associates/index.html – 8/20/2020.

As neighbors make the neighborhood, who gets into government in relation to whom (and why) should tell Americans and the world quite a bit about what has transpired to bring America’s most patriotic souls — and most delusional as well — to violence, disorder, and this afternoon’s attempt to disrupt Congress, ignore the courts of the land, and to in fact ignore the results of possibly the most well observed and secured election in the history of the nation.

Donald’s mob knows better?

Donald’s mob know nothing!

Try to remember that the United States of America has some deeply experiences, malicious, and sophisticated enemies, Putin’s Moscow foremost with its general “full court press” — broad spectrum hybrid warfare — against EU/NATO’s and all other evidence of western liberalism and authentic democracy.

So there’s Donald’s mob on the steps of the Capitol and in the building shouting “USA! USA! USA!” except what they’re doing is not “USA!”.

What DJT’s mob is doing is “banana republic”, i.e., would-be rule by the most corrupt, violent, and ruthless — and rallying and driving a disorderly mob into government buildings is how that works.

Live at Posting, 1/6/2021.

Reported: Protesters inside the Capitol; tear gas deployed; members of Congress being evacuated with masks on; condemnations all over the news . . . .

Live at Posting, 1/6/2021/1612 EST.


Odds & Ends

https://www.streetinsider.com/Politics/One+Person+Shot+in+Capital+-+Report/17791194.html – 1/6/2021/1620 EST —

We may take some personal defense-related comfort in appropriate firearms ownership . . . and hunting now and then is a healthy good thing — good to be out on the range, beating the brush, getting into some “position” before dawn on the “opener” of deer gun season — but it’s amazing what can be done by nefarious actors with someone else’s imagination.

Excerpt from relatively conservative personal correspondence just this morning, January 6, 2021. Active Measures and massive foreign and domestic disinformation may well account for this latest in off-the-wall American spectacle made this afternoon by a deluded and deliberately lied to political base.

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