Posted to Mike Huckabee’s FB wall in relation to the Republican Party’s “canceling” Liz Cheney —

Shame on the Republican Party, its repudiation of integrity, its embrace of a demagogue, its clinging to power — perhaps white power (?) — in place of clinging to the principles and values of our American Constitution. I have this to relay from America’s Deep State — . Perhaps more Americans should get to know America’s real government as constructed through its representative and authentic democracy.

Elsewhere in regard to being a democratic and progressive soul and pro-Israel —

Pro-Israel, very Progressive here, and quite consistent and strident in relation to criticizing the anti-Palestinian Palestinian Leadership Program that has kept the Palestinians soaked in intellectual poison for more than 73 years. I have many posts on the Middle East Conflict. This has been my latest:

Posted to the BackChannels reading page on FB, this one via The Lincoln Project’s dissemination, but it lives online quite independent of that strident partisan project:

Posted to YouTube May 12, 2021.

In the order posted to the BC/FB Reader — – 5/11/21 – Jeff Flake on honesty in American politics. – 5/12/2021 – Excuse for being absent while Trump’s medieval mob assaulted the United States Capitol Building. – 1/9/2021 – President Lies-to-Wives lies to and misguides his base.

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