Free Palestine from Fatah and Hamas!

Inspiration: the conversational partner’s quoting of Thomas Jefferson and Nelson Mandela on Freedom on behalf of Palestinian aspirations related to the same.



The authorities in the West Bank and Gaza repressed dissent by arbitrarily arresting tens of peaceful demonstrators, opponents, critics, journalists and human rights activists.1 In some cases, authorities used emergency COVID-19 regulations to stifle freedom of expression and assembly.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), the Palestinian national human rights institution, recorded 37 incidents of violations of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press: 21 in the West Bank and 16 in Gaza. The ICHR also recorded 158 cases in the West Bank and 118 in Gaza of the arbitrary arrests of opponents and critics. The Palestinian Centre for Development and Media Freedoms recorded 97 incidents of attacks against journalists, including arbitrary arrests, ill-treatment during interrogation, confiscation of equipment, physical assaults and bans on reporting: 36 in the West Bank and 61 in Gaza.


The experience of freedom begins where we sit.

Related concepts: locus of control; empathy, ethical sense; integrity; moral compass,; personal agency, revulsion.

Of course, Freedom is not without boundaries and limits, and it comes with a catch: Responsibility.

Inspiration: an assertion that police action at Al Aqsa Mosque had been politically motivated by Israel’s partisan political machinery.


Israel v Hamas – Whipping Dumb Mobs


I don’t want to work up a timeline, but given the report cited, police action would appear perfectly reasonable, responsive, and responsible.

Other issues (excuses) have also their depth in legal detail and reasoning. On better than balance, Palestinian leadership incitements and Palestinians too dumb for tackling online independent research in their own interest will bear responsibility for this latest war.

The more fair and profound question worth asking is whether the greater powers wish themselves to sustain the “Middle East Conflict” as a necessary buffer between the regions of “political absolutism” and related fascist or totalitarian control and those whose political evolution has found greater freedom and latitude in personal behavior in the world’s democratic and open societies.

Inspiration: the assertion that Israel wanted Hamas to take over Gaza in 2005 (in the wake of the Jewish retreat from the region) in order to clean out its rivals (Fatah, PLO) –>

Against Wild Conspiracy-Think

Playing “The Jews did it!” with Hamas is surreal given the realities attending Israel’s ceding Gaza. You (as metonym for “The Palestinians”) were to have protected roadways and synagogues for access by members; you were to have produced peace regardless of the factional warring for control of Gaza; you were to have established peace and a peaceful relationship with Israel. You failed to achieve other than a genocidal war against Jewry as re-framed as a war with Israel.

There is has been no Jewish Power in Gaza since 2005, and yet Palestinians in Gaza remain subject to brute force and political repression.

How is that possible without the Palestinian failure to defend even themselves from internal forces claiming to represent their interests?

So far as I can tell, Israel’s defense and policing policies respond directly to states of affairs generated by Palestinian behavior.

My day actually began here: https://www.timesofisrael.com/tv-palestinians-stocked-rocks-for-temple-mount-riots-police-caught-unawares/

I was addressing another conspiracy theorist, one on the Israeli side of observation.

Either way, eventually, the peaceful will overwhelm the violent.

Inspiration: an assertion that Israelis don’t want peace but a unified Jewish state free of Palestinians –>

For Palestinian Responsibility

Most want a near immediate two-state solution and, with time, a unified regional economic bloc.



The post-Soviet arc of power — define it for yourself and have a look any time — is riddled with cancerous, dying, or dead and failed states!

The world has plenty of other evil in it, but what “malignant narcissists” do to their own geopolitical spaces in the cause of their own aggrandizement (and centralization of power) always ends badly.

As far as I’m concerned, Americans are superior!


We’re all on this one “Blue Marble” and many of our real issues — not issues rooted primarily in our own minds but a part of our shared global experience — are issues to be acknowledged and worked on together across our many cultural and political boundaries.

In any case, Big Pictures and more parochial ones — both at hand at the same time — Palestinian Liberation begins with you and your vision.

You should defy Palestinian corruption and political repression at every chance, not overlook or shrug it away as both attach to your own character if accepted.


Too often in modern conflict, “Accusation in a Mirror” applies to easily to the accuser. There’s older Chinese wisdom for that: “He points the finger has four more pointing back at himself.”


I believe Israel wants an authentic peace in a modern world characterized by democratic processes, rule of law, and wide latitude for individual choices in the election of personal beliefs and behaviors. The enemies of Israel, on the other hand, wish to live by way of the force of will and punitive power to control and channel their people as faceless and nameless masses. The same would be the enemies of evolution, humanity, modernity, and all of the open societies of the world.

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