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What is the modern and socially networked opinion worth given the ocean of expression into which it has been distributed and dispersed?

From my sorry experience, not much — but what if one does not speak?

What if one chooses to absorb the latest in news and opinion without reflection or response?

What comes of that would be the sound of silence.

Well, not today . . . .

From the Awesome Conversation


Most want a near immediate two-state solution and, with time, a unified regional economic bloc.



The post-Soviet arc of power — define it for yourself and have a look any time — is riddled with cancerous, dying, or dead and failed states!

The world has plenty of other evil in it, but what “malignant narcissists” do to their own geopolitical spaces in the cause of their own aggrandizement (and centralization of power) always ends badly.

As far as I’m concerned, Americans are superior!


We’re all on this one “Blue Marble” and many of our real issues — not issues rooted primarily in our own minds but a part of our shared global experience — are issues to be acknowledged and worked on together across our many cultural and political boundaries.

In any case, M, Big Pictures and more parochial ones — both at hand at the same time — Palestinian Liberation begins with you and your vision. You should defy Palestinian corruption and political repression at every chance, not overlook or shrug it away as both attach to your own character if accepted.


So End The Occupation – Hamas Out of Gaza!

Seriously, B., have you ever raised your voice against Palestinian corruption? PLO/PA and Hamas political repression?

Have you ever encountered an article like this one — https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/hamas-killed-160-palestinian-children-to-build-terror-tunnels — and revisited your own thinking?

The Palestinians — the Refugees of 1948 and other Arab wars undertaken to destroy Israel — ” . . . from the river to the sea . . . .” — have long been abused, lied to, and suffocated by their own corrupt and venal leaders who with disinformation, framing, and incitements deflect attention from themselves.

Have you ever taken an independent look at the larger historical picture having to do with power absolute and power democratic?


Oh hipster, rescue the Palestinians, please, from their medieval time bubble and related disingenuous and disastrous political cant and methodology.


“The US AND EU and IOC of 50 countries support the PLO.”


Cite your nonpartisan source.

And after Black September? Munich? Itamar? (https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/post/palestinians-celebrate-and-then-reluctantly-denounce-itamar-murders/2011/03/04/ABNZlOV_blog.html)

Indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza?

Stone throwing all over the place?

Keep trashing the world’s sympathy.

Probably, the world is with the Palestinians for being for the most part beneath the boot and beside the sticky fingers of “leaders” that keep most of the base ignorant, impoverished, silent, and robbed of the charity and support intended for their economic development. Those who really care . . . care to look. The same would seem to reliably find Palestinian-generated blood spatter, corruption, repression, and unwarranted egoism.

Today, no one — least of all Palestinians — need to tarry in the politics of the 1960s and 1970s. That was then; this is now: modern people needs must demand accountability and integrity in their own governance as well as an accurate and dispassionate telling of true political history along with best informed and comprehending modern analyses.