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August 18, 2021.

Wikipedia offers a term for what happens next: “Talibanization“.

Read it and weep.

India Times, August 14, 2021.

From Journeyman Pictures, “Afghani Life Under Taliban Rule (1998)” — and regarding filming (in 1998): “According to Islam and according to our society, we are not allowed . . . under Islamic rule, there is no question of ‘why’. In Islamic society, nothing is allowed such as television, such as type (stet) such as any other recording, uh, recorders to play . . . .” (1:46-2:13).

From U.S. Department of State (November 17, 2001): “Report on the Taliban’s War Against Women”: “The life of Afghan women is so bad. We are locked at home and cannot see the sun” (Nageeba, a 35-year-old widow in Kabul).

The Taliban wants to establish an Islamic government in Afghanistan, ideally as an emirate, which would be led by a religious leader and draw its legitimacy from clerics. Afghanistan is currently an Islamic republic, which is led by a president and draws legitimacy from universal suffrage and accordance with international laws and norms.

Maizland, Lindsay. “The Taliban in Afghanistan.” Council on Foreign Relations, August 3, 2021 (last update).

Welcome back to the Old New (Old Medieval) World.

How long before Darkness — the affirmation of ignorance and the revival of medieval “Islamic” codes, punishments, and tortures resume?

Having won their war, the Taliban have seen Muslims flee their presence en masse.

Having won their war, the Taliban must now defend with weapons their authority in Afghanistan.

August 18, 2021.

Having won their war, the Taliban must impose their will on modern Afghani people.

August 16, 2021.

The full interview with Mahbooba Seraj may be viewed on YouTube –


(August 9, 2021).