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If it’s happening here in the United States of America, the same is probably happening where you live, more or less — and “less” only if kept more effectively out of sight.

As an artist — “Writer, Musician, Photographer”, so I have billed myself a lifetime — I’m more accustomed to the idea of “bohemia” than either accustomed to it, much less inured to it. Quite petite bourgeoisie, Internet, tweeds, and all, albeit in a very small space patched with a window air conditioning unit, sigh, I would think downward and outward much, much worse — and it is. Here follow a few links to how American life looks from where it has bottomed out on the streets. While taking it in, I would suggest also a spare meditation on corruption, greed, heartlessness, ruthlessness, and vanity as the ambitions, desires, dreams, impressions, self-concepts and the concomitant or later abuse, narcotics, under-employment, and unemployment and wholesale derailment have never come out of nowhere.

AML Films. Misc. interviews, addicts, homeless, prostitutes.
Glink. “The Dark Reality of Los Angeles.” September 4, 2021.
Horvath, Mike. Invisible People. Interviews with homeless.
Kimgary. Misc. “Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave. Story”. Silent slow-motion coverage of a $1 billion fentanyl and heroin market.
Laita, Mark. Soft White Underbelly. Interviews.
Rodriguez, Frank. Morals Over Money. Misc. associated with Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Democratic, free, and modern societies come equipped with extraordinary public concern, compassion, moral latitude, and political obligation with open discussion, all of which lends itself to the vibrancy and vitality of energetic national cultures. Issues at the base may not have to do half so much with “morals”, not at least within the most common of normative boundaries, but with the absence of conscience within those setting prices for feel-good junk, so one might call it, right beside unrealistic expectations for those with issues but most desperate for moving on, out, and up with some return to decency, dignity, and security.

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