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If Vovo’s army invades Ukraine, it will royally piss Russian-speaking as well as Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians.

Vovo knows that.

However, it appears that he’s convinces himself that he should be Lt. Colonel President Emperor Putin!

And he has practically formed and talked his way into an invasion.

And then what?

More kleptocratic mafia for Ukrainians, Russian-speaking included?

Vovo has no power — nor talent, actually — to build wealth himself although, to be fair, he has asked Big Capital to return to Mother Russia although much of it would rather stay in London–and with democracy and the rule of law–than reside in Moscow and the rule of mafia (and Putin the Pirate).

Vovo’s American pooch?

There’s a marvelous Latin-in-English (Roman-sounding, in other words) send-up on Facebook–I hope you may access it.

I would like to make something clear to Christians, Muslims, Palestinians, Europeans, and North Americas (not that I have forgotten Asians or Africans or anyone else): Welcome to the 22nd Century (I’m just a little bit ahead of my time), and we should all be fighting about and for improved Qualities of Living.

And add this ingredient: INTEGRITY!

Oh, Palestinian–may at least one soul recap the historical truth with you–and not against you: for you.

What is Herr Trump’s America’s Grand Old Party of Greed (GOPoG) doing about its very bad case of Greedosis? And what has every European to say about Putin’s “Medievalitis”?


So one may hope.

And, Oh, Russian–EU/NATO and Y-O-U know that Russia is not Free: https://freedomhouse.org/country/russia/freedom-world/2021 .


Come 1992, the Cold War was over, according to the United States.

The Soviet Union had dissolved in bankruptcy on December 25, 1991 (I’m seeing a lot of opting for December 26, so, undoubtedly, as to move the west’s “Christmas Day”, a pagan holiday I myself refer to as “Solstice” — a few days late — off the political dates-in-history map).

Have a look at this apparent “leak”: https://www.businessinsider.com/exploring-al-qaedas-murky-connection-to-russian-intelligence-2014-6 .

So the KGB had a nice talk with Ayman al Zawahiri a few years before he and Osama Bin Laden had air crews learning how to fly (not land) big jets.

In diagram–>

KGB-Zawahiri->9/11->(x Reflexive Control) EU/NATO “New Nationalism” & BREXIT + “blood-and-soil” popularity in Hungary, Italy, and Poland + Full Feudal Retreat in Turkey + You-Know-Who (rhymes with “Dump”) in the New Populist United States.


It turns out that was a pretty good strike for the KGB/FSB sons of the Okhrana.

And today on the edges of Ukraine, Vovo wants to waste Russian and Ukrainian lives.

For what, Mr. Putin?

Your glory?

Leave forts; retrieve all other forces; expect the west to form defenses against barbaric threats from the world’s feudal-medieval epoch.


Who reads this blog?

Somebody in China.

I’ve been watching my stats.

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