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Following the war — Russia v. Ukraine — news?

This is a day not to be missed as it features Russian allies (at least one–Serbia) refusing to recognize Russia’s bogus annexation referendums, shoot-’em-ups at recruitment centers (well, just one, so far), a magnificent show of confidence, love, and respect for Putin while fleeing for Russia’s borders and security elsewhere, presumably provided by some other state that knows what it’s doing, and the show most popular now across Russia, Putin and His Black Clad Oprichniki AKA Omon (formerly known as thugs and recently referred to as “Cosmonauts”) as depicted in action here:

Posted September 26, 2022.

Can’t get enough?

“This is cool that we have all gathered here today because we came here not on party or state orders, which is also sometimes necessary, but because we all wanted to be together, here and today,” Putin told the crowd, calling them “brothers”.

He ended by shouting “long live Russia, long live Ukraine” and “long live bike” in Ukrainian before heading off to a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovich.

Bryanski, Gleb. “Black-clad Putin roars into Ukraine biker fest.” Reuters, July 24, 2010.

Well, doesn’t that make plain what all the chaos, death, destruction, and suffering come down to?

Posted to YouTube, August 30, 2011.

Now the deluded, deranged, and tyrannical Vladimir Putin wants to restore his biker party no matter how many Ukrainians and Russians prove themselves willing to die for him without their cooperation or consent.

The clip appears to have come from the 2011 Sevastopol Bike Show, and it would appear to show how much Putin loves the Russians and Ukrainians that were his to plunder with impunity before Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity that had the corrupt Viktor Yanukovych skedaddling north to Mothering Russia (as Putin would have her) for reassurance, a kind of “That’s alright, my blubberous little buddy. We’ll get it all back the way it was. Or we’ll destroy it.”

Probably, Putin has been always a malignantly narcissistic, petulant, and posturing little boy.

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