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Author Greg Olear this morning republished his 2020 take on Russian collusion (no delusion) involving the Trump campaign with focus on Paul Manafort. It’s worth the three most critical “R’s” in political analysis–Reading, Remembrance, and Reflection.

For juxtaposition, the BackChannels post “Trump Lawyer Christopher M. Kise, Registered Foreign Agent” (September 19, 2022) might serve to bookend Donald John Trump’s increasingly traitorous-looking term in politics.

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Janus, the god of the gate looking in and looking out, might suit the passage made by former President Donald John Trump in relation to his appointing as his first campaign manager the world’s most notorious flack for dictators–and then or now–as his legal troubles mount beyond his managing–a lead lawyer for his team (for a short term) with a clientele in Venezuela.