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Russians must live with the deepest fear of dictatorship and its ancillary authorities.

America’s finest revolutionary slogan: “Question Authority”.

And make sure it answers–and express judgment through free and fair elections.

Have faith in the Not-Fake-News-At-All of the Fourth Estate.

Reconsider the value of lying against the value of simple old fashioned #Honesty and #Integrity.

#ModernEuropeans and #ModernAmericans should wish to live in a #ModernWorld with all of the benefits of integrated complex sophisticated and sensitive systems and not in the world of chaos, fear of government, personal separation, political impotence, and #FeudalMedievalSlaughter.

Would that Russians had the courage to share so #Modern a desire and requisite for peace and prosperity–and what Russians choose to submit to and tolerate, including their own enslavement, would seem how Russians choose to live.