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Open @clarenafo’s Twitter wall and enjoy the whole well-researched and well-spoken thread from off of this pinned tweet:

Russia’s role in the United Nations seems far out of place to me given its more native habitat: World Peace Council.

Regarding the “situation in the middle east”: “FTAC: Moscow Suffocates the Palestinians” (BackChannels, April 22, 2023).

The inclusion of tweets in blogging helps fix them in cyberspace, for the Twitter River on any subjects moves along rapidly and drowns the last utterance. Anyone’s. Everyone’s. The structure for communicators: the experts in paid professional diplomacy already know the talking points–or what have they been doing otherwise with their careers–and the more general public that cares or might may easily miss the most pointed and succinct analyses on some subjects. In this case, “ClareNafo” (for ease in the transliterating of proper nouns between platforms) has covered five major insults to intelligence in Russia’s array of inventions, lies outright, and disingenuous revisions concerning both Ukraine and NATO. Indeed, “Read the full conversation on Twitter“.

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