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If the screenshot banner copy is unclear or too small to read, it says, “‘Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah’ — Hamas MTV.  That’s His Jihad, What’s yours?”

 Comment From The Awesome Conversation

The Geller and Spencer and other anti-Jihad shows ask of Islam sufficient introspection and courage emphasize virtue, reform if necessary, and put both the 20th Century inspiration for the “Muslim Botherhood” and related poison-in-the-head out of business so that more of the world can get to work on other things.

However, the conflict and violence that assaults us daily by way of global media — and investment in this region of discussion — hasn’t only to do with Islam: it has to do with the interpretation of power — absolute and feudal or distributed and democratic. “Putin-Assad-Khamenei” are of a type, and Islam, especially in the middle east, has been “played” (ref.: Pacepa and Rychlak) and plays to their deeply medieval world vision and the image they have of themselves in it.

The Jews continuously, famously, remove themselves from cults of godlike personality and continue eternally in search of the Promised Land. Instead of imposing, the commune invites, and perhaps after Hillel, some ideas about a common humanity become borrowable but also political and little bit crooked (in Judaism, for example, all of the prophets are drawn as faulted humans, deeply so, and kept separate from God). For our grandiose delusional dictators fascists malignant narcissists, the limitation perhaps seems a deep affront and “control”, sadistic and total, becomes their thing. Must we have them? “Syndicate Red Brown Green” and NATO, more or less, are wrestling over it. Hamas is way down on the food chain (thank Khamenei, among others, for keeping it in business) but it’s leveraging some Islamic zeitgeist to produce chaos, fear, and sorrow around itself serves the larger press of the feudal mode.

Not only “the awesome conversation” elicits the above but also simply visiting these themes — conflict, culture, language, psychology — day after week after month after years: things come to the surface.  Some become so familiar as to become blog-based tropes:

No Moses — no Muhammad

Hillel the Elder –> Jesus, Paul, Constantine –> Muhammad

The Torah begins with God

The Torah, closely read, compels progressive ethical and moral argument

Syndicate Red Brown Green (post-Soviet neo-feudal Russia; new national socialists; Islamists)

Expect some items to show up on the “Alpha – Zulu” page of this blog.  Others may be simply plugged into meditative political writing as fit.

The tests of will in conflict that BackChannels has come to perceive has been very much within the medieval vs modern template, which would be fine if the medieval proved good.  The matter, however, has been complicated by a dark portion in psychology, i.e., the compulsive, endless, and helpless fascism and sadism of the malignant narcissist.  Too often, capricious power — power considering itself above all natural laws and inclined to create and make the same to suit itself without limits — comes to impose suffering on others with impunity.  It (!) appears to prize the annihilation of others and the erasing of time out of the urge to exist in a timeless world entirely of its own fashioning — and doing so it dooms itself to annihilation.

Additional Reference

Miller, Michael E.  “Killing Jews is worship posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses.”  The Washington Post, April 22, 2014.

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Link – Obama and Detente with Iran

Thanks to retreats like this one, it is Khamenei’s red lines, not Obama’s, that have determined the shape of the emerging deal—a fact that prompts the president’s critics to accuse him of fecklessness and/or naïveté. But these descriptions miss the mark. The president is not wedded to any set of specific demands. For him, the specific terms of the nuclear agreement are far less important than its mere existence. One of Obama’s greatest diplomatic successes is to have persuaded much of the world, including many of his critics, that the primary goal of his Iran diplomacy is to negotiate a nuclear arms-control agreement. In fact, the primary goal is détente with Iran.

Doran, Michael.  “The Tectonic Shift in Obama’s Iran Policy: A nuclear deal is only the beginning. The president’s goal, at the expense of America’s allies, is full-fledged détente with Iran.”  Mosaic, April 22, 2015.

BackChannels comment: It makes complete sense, and I hope it’s completely wrong — but it’s a complete and lucid analysis of a foreign policy that has been wrested from the awareness and perception of most Americans and fellow travelers.

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Link – Nomani – On the Intimidation of Criticism


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Alongside the honor brigade’s official channel, a community of self-styled blasphemy police — from anonymous blogs such as LoonWatch.com and Ikhras.com to a large and disparate cast of social-media activists — arose and began trying to control the debate on Islam. This wider corps throws the label of “Islamophobe” on pundits, journalists and others who dare to talk about extremist ideology in the religion. Their targets are as large as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and as small as me.

Nomani, Asra.  “Meet the honor brigade, an organized campaign to silence debate on Islam.”  The Washington Post, January 16, 2015.

The above article was mentioned by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a video featured on another BackChannels post.

The more action taken against the classically liberal world, the more the medieval machinations grinding away at it and Islam’s future become clear.  Lightly linked here “malignant narcissism” within the realm of political psychology, the roots of intellectual stuckness, the propensity for deeply authoritarian and sadistic leadership, become increasingly clear.

As noted on that other post, the discussion of reformation in Islam has been taken up in an earnest fashion by New Age Islam and, of course, there is now no end to criticism from every direction, including from deep within Islam, of an Ummah beset with bloody conflicts and terrorist incidents from Afghanistan to Yemen.

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Bonding – Dissimilar States – Similar Political Personalities – Similar Ambitions


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Khamenei-Putin / Moscow-Tehran


Yesterday (1939), Hitler-Stalin may have seemed pragmatic on the part of both leaders, but cold enough for Hitler to break and aggress against Russia.

Today, Russo-Iranian cooperation preserves the privileges, relationships, and structures of the Soviet Era as transformed by Putin into a politically successful neo-feudal police state (state-controlled press; manipulated elections; political assassinations; kleptocracy to the extent that 110 “oligarchs” or “state capitalists” appear to control 35 percent of Russia’s wealth in total [while more Russians go begging, more or less, than have done so in many years, no thanks to the blowback from Moscow’s assertions of power and aggression in Ukraine]).

One may wonder about the sharing of “malignant narcissism” and piratical privilege across large ethnolinguistic, political, and religious divisions, but nonetheless, “Putin-Assad-Khamenei”, Putin-Orban, and Putin-Erdogan appear to represent “different talks — same walk”.

The walk is the walk of absolute political power.

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FTAC – Obama-Putin: Plan A and Plan A+

There are two “Plan A’s”. One may written as Putin-Khamenei-(Obama), and that is the plan in evidence and promoted by the conservative right. It draws the fascists or “feudalists” across lines, from chemical warfare in Syria to Iranian expansion in Yemen and on to the infiltration of North American governments and intellectual assets. The alternative is that first “Plan A” is actually encompassed by choreography laid down by the democratic open societies to draw out the “Red Brown Green” crew, their totalitarian methods, and to draw them into war at their disadvantage.


The arguments for the larger “Plan A” involve greater energy independence in North America and reduced oil revenues — lower oil pricing or market flooding (by the Saudi) — for those aligned with the Putin-Khamenei axis (Red Brown Green).

When you’re able to see that, say, ISIS is a Khamenei project (because if you believe you’re God, why not play both sides of the chessboard?), the greater “Plan A” may prevail.

It has been said that Obama — a true president, not the caricature — has been playing chess while Putin has been laying poker. That may be true, but I would add this: of the Khamenei-Putin arrangements, Khamenei has been using his military and nuclear threat powers to abet Iranian expansion in the middle east and influence around the world, while Putin has been downplaying Russia’s nuclear threat capability in tandem with related ambitions: the problem, imho, is Putin is the more likely to breach the nuclear threshold in a gambler’s (or criminal’s) compulsive moment — and there are “tactical” battlefield nuclear weapons or conventional weapons (like the “barothermic” bomb) that he might deploy where Russian troops are active (as far as I’m concerned, he has already shot down an airliner).

By comparison with this one, it was a sunny day when Obama took office and spoke of being a wartime president and mentioned — as been mentioned in The Awesome Conversation recently — the gathering storm, which BackChannels believes has just about gathered and is dimming to the blue black of gun barrels and spent accelerants.

President Putin has long left behind defending the image of his idea of Russia as a democratic state.  Successfully bridging the KGB to FSB eras, he has transformed the Soviet, post-Soviet state into a feudal oligarchy replete with an internal policing element estimated to have a staffing per capita greater than that of the KGB (reference whatever’s relevant to you in this blog’s “Russian Section” of the library). He has managed to return the modern-looking Russia Today engine to a tool for state propaganda, so much so that station anchor Liz Wahl felt compelled to quit her position in March 2014, and has essentially nulled the meaning of “free elections” and “free press” for Russians.

While the “Vertical of Power” rose to his current heights, the “Detached from Power” (one may suppose) fell to new lows:

Fifty-four per cent of Russians suffer from economic deprivation, up from 46 per cent in 2013, the survey by the Moscow-based Financial University found. The indicator last reached that level in 2010, a year after it hit a peak of 61 percent as the country’s economy contracted by almost eight per cent in the global financial crisis.

Russia, hit by a combination of plunging oil prices and sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the European Union over the Ukraine conflict, is heading into recession this year. President Vladimir Putin warned last month the downturn may last two years and Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev is predicting a 4 per cent to 5 per cent contraction in 2015 if the price of crude oil stays at about $45 a barrel. Inflation reached 11.4 per cent in December, the most among the world’s 10-biggest economies.

Bloomberg News.  “More than half of Russians live in poverty: Moscow-based Financial University says 54% of Russians can’t buy more than basic necessities.”  The Star (Toronto), January 20, 2015.

While the post-Soviet neo-feudal financial drama plays out and plays through the ribs and nodes of the defunct “empire” — yes, BackChannels believes it has been watching of late The Return of the Phantom Soviet — other elements more disturbing have lit up on the radar: the mysterious death of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman; the assassination of Boris Nemtsov; the apparent recent deployment of chemical weapons in Syria — and all met by Moscow’s shrug of silence.

Additional Reference

BackChannels.  “Ali Khamenei and the Letter from Near Mosul — A Speculation.” January 16, 2015.

BackChannels.  “Alpha – Zulu”.  Page.  Readers may find repeated the schematic definition of “Syndicate Red Brown Green” on this just published (and not yet built out) list of concepts, events, and persons of interest.

BackChannels.  “A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: Obama.”  April 1, 2015.

Elgot, Jessica.  “Russia Today Host Abby Martin Goes Spectacularly Off-Message in Ukraine Broadcast (VIDEO)”.  The Huffington Post UK, March 4, 2014, updated June 3, 2014.

Troianovski, Anton.  “Germany Seeks to Counter Russian ‘Propaganda’ in Baltics: Berlin to train journalists, provide Russian-language content to broadcasters in region.”  The Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2015.

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PSA: Canadians for Coexistence to Host “Interfaith Celebration for World Peace” – Sunday, April 26 2015


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Nous, a canadiens pour la coexistence, souhaitons vous inviter à nous rejoindre à cette célébration interreligieuse réunissant des personnes de tous les huit grandes religions du monde. RSVP jusqu’à mardi, le 21 avril, 2015.

We, at Canadians for Coexistence wish to invite you to join us in this Interfaith Celebration uniting people of eight major world religions. RSVP by Tuesday, April 21, 2015


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Texas Court Indicts Four Firms and Five Individuals on Conspiracy to Violate Trade Sanctions with Iran


United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division.  Indictment.  “Count One: (Conspiracy to Violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act).” P. 8-9. April 16, 2015.

While feudal “Syndicate Red Brown Green”* — now a term of art on BackChannels — does its business “behind the curtains” and lies about everything it does with great creativity, it would appear the Obama Administration might not be playing ball with the Putin-Khamenei axis after all.  However, if the above indictment involving the alleged illegal shipping of sensitive technology to the regime in Iran has surfaced, one might be curious as to how many other similar investigations are in the pipeline — and what other violations may be taking place “off the radar”.

As the public becomes aware of the “Red Brown Green” infiltration of American intellectual assets (for a lead, one might check out who has been promoting anti-Semitic cant and associated schemes — like “BDS” — from America’s academic, journalism, and research communities), curiosity as regards the political reliability of the nation’s business community should grow as well.

Additional Reference

Ross, Rory.  “Hillary Clinton’s Big Benefactor Has Trade Links with Iran.”  Newsweek, April 18, 2015.

U.S. Department of Justice.  “Four Companies and Five Individuals Indicted for Illegally Exporting Technology to Iran.”  FBI press release, April 17, 2015.

*Syndicate Red Brown Green

Red = Soviet, post-Soviet, neo-feudal Russia.

Brown = New Nationalist Movements — an allusion to the drifts of Orban’s Hungary and a part of the mix involved in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Green = Islamofascism generally with Ayatollah Khamenei possibly the most central element in driving the form worldwide, from Daesh in Iraq to Hezbollah in Argentina.

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