From Gaza to Mosul With Some Dwelling on Ankara in Relation to the Enabling of Islamic Jihad


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The groups that comprise “Islamic Jihad” do worse than push innocents out in front of their violence: they hide in plain sight, infiltrate target communities, and creep forward with programs of intimidation, theft, and murder until they have a developed opportunity to surface in an attack. From Boco Haram to the “islamic State” north of Baghdad, that’s how they work. Moreover, noting Turkey’s apparent cooperation with the Islamic State (underscored by its failure to call the NATO card in on the takeover of its embassy in Mosul), containing this force calls for active blocking and dismantling wherever it is found.

The agony experienced in Gaza may be only prolonged by indecision as regards the “islamist” enterprise and the full spread of its overt objectives, including the genocide of the Jews, and its underlying motivations related to malignant and unbridled narcissism and the criminality it generates.

The note responds to the suggestion that civilians in Gaza be allowed into Egypt to flee the fighting on the strip.  However, as all know, and not least the Egyptian military, “the terrorists” look like anybody when it suits them, and Egypt has appropriately restricted traffic through the Rafah Crossing.

The allusion to Turkish cooperation with the “Islamic Stat” stems from a WordPress article, possibly reposted here, asserting that “ISIS gets men and $800 million from Turkey” (Money Jihad, July 8, 2014).  The body of that piece appears to have been based on a piece in The Algemeiner (June 22) that no longer appears online.


Was the Algemeiner report real?

Has the report allegedly appearing there been suppressed?

Welcome to journalism from the web’s second row seat to history (and see the addendum to this piece).

Be that as it may, I’ve compiled a short list of articles having to do with the character of the Turkish-ISIS relationship.  The salient points that might be best defended via online information sourcing:

  • Whatever the process involved or the stat’s position on it, Turkey has long served as a transfer point for fighters transiting through to Islamic Jihad groups in Syria.  The effect of that lax security makes it as if the state abetted terrorists on their way to battle.
  • The attack by ISIS on Turkey’s embassy in Mosul has been accepted to the extent that the “Islamic State” has been using the facility as its headquarters and without interruption.  The story, which may be slugged “Mosul hostage crisis” has been suppressed within Turkey, and I / we may not know what talk-talk-and-more-talk has been taking place between Prime Minister Erdogan’s government and BadDaddy Baghdaddi’s murderous machinery. In its attempt to manage its blackened eye — the Turks have lost evident sovereignty over both their embassy in Mosul and its personnel — the Turkish state machinery has moved the hostages off the front page and hidden its negotiations and attendant politics from the Turkish constituency at large.
  • Turkey’s issues with the Kurdish community play through in the politics attending its stance toward al-Qaeda / Brotherhood-type organizations on top of its own AKP-driven government.  The longer the secular constituency remains secondary in the power structure of the state, the worse fascist tendencies may be expected to become, and that may include the passive-aggressive response of enabling rogue Islamic Jihad by simply going soft with it.

For about a month now, Erdogan’s government has muzzled the press and the opposition with regard to the Mosul hostage crisis:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has taken all measures to keep the public in the dark on the issue. The prime minister first warned the media on June 15 not to write or talk about the developments in Mosul. A Turkish court followed up on the warning the next day by imposing a gag order to all print, visual and Internet media. The government is now applying a similar gag order to opposition party members in parliament, denying their requests to be informed about the issue. – 6/25/2014.

The situation is so absurd that on look-up, this header appeared just last week: “Iraqi Kurds Offer Turkey Intel on Mosul Hostages” (Hurriyet Daily News, July 16, 2014).

Reference Arranged by Ascending Date of Publication – 6/11/2014. – 6/12/2014.–al-qaeda-mosul-iraq.html – 6/11/2014. “Turkey not asking NATO for help with ISIS.” – 6/14/2014. – 6/16/2014.  “NATO chief to visit Turkey amid worsening situation in Iraq.” – 6/18/2014 – “Turkish Support of ISIS.” – 6/21/2014. – 6/23/2014 – “Syrian Kurdish leader: Turkey turns blind eye to ISIS.” – 7/17/2014. – 7/20/2014. – 7/22/2014. – 7/23/2014.


One Turkish opposition politician estimates that Turkey has paid $800 million to ISIS for oil shipments. Another politician released information about active duty Turkish soldiers training ISIS members. Critics note that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has met three times with someone, Yasin al-Qadi, who has close ties to ISIS and has funded it.

Apparently, as comment reflects, The Algemeiner article was that by Daniel Pipes from which the above excerpt was taken.

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The absurdity of Israel’s Gaza campaigns requires an entirely new terminology for the conduct of wars. “Enemy combatants,” “theater of war,” “innocent civilians,” “casualties of war” all have ambiguous meaning in Gaza. There is nothing casual about why so many Gazans die; these deaths are tragically predictable and predetermined. Hamas builds tunnels for terrorists and their rockets; bomb shelters for the people of Gaza never entered the Hamas leaders’ minds. – 7/21/2014.

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End the Preoccupation (with Jews). They are not peacemakers where Hamas and others like them are involved: they are conflict sustaining. They are part of what keeps it going. Israel is the democracy in the neighborhood, the liberating force, the entity that listens with compassion and empathy, and the entity that knows self-restraint. That it has chosen to mobilize against a still genocidal political movement that has launched at it more than 8,000 rocket-enabled attempted murders comes almost as a surprise.

The way to freedom for the residents of Gaza (many of whom have been jailed and tortured by Hamas for political purposes) is to eject Hamas and its kind permanently. Then they will be able to speak for themselves without intimidation and with a broad palette of practical and representative paths. Hamas, many today Gaza millionaires with mansions (truly: Gaza has been made a victim of the “one percent”), has never had anything good to offer the refugees of 1948.

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We condemn Tarek Fatah’s stereotyping and incitement to murder of Shiite Muslims – by Mohsin Jaffer

Originally posted on World Shia Forum:


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Takfiri Tarek blames Sunnis for Hazrat Ali’s murder and Shia genocide – by Irfan Qadri

How would you describe someone distributing the antisemitic hoax ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ (purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination) in Nazi Germany when Hitler and his security forces were slaughtering six million European Jews (The Holocaust). Of course, that would tantamount to enabling further violence against innocent Jews.

Well, that is exactly what Tarek Fatah did only two days ago when he distributed a highly inflammatory video in which a few Shia youths were shown insulting the Prophet Muhammad’s wife Ayesha.

It is shocking to see Tarek Fatah using his Twitter and facebook page to promote the video clip (screenshot attached) that can only promote greater hatred against Shiite Muslims, and…

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CNN documents Qatari funding of terror

Originally posted on Money Jihad:

The jihad in Syria against the Alawites has been wholeheartedly funded by millionaires in Qatar. The Qatari ministry of culture oversees some of the volunteer operations to fund terrorism like this, and counter-terrorism expert Juan Zarate says the financial support for jihad comes “from the top.” This isn’t new information, but seeing video of the players involved may help some people to grow up and out of the old-fashioned 1990s view of Qatar as an ally in the Gulf.

CNN’s Erin Burnett reports:

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FTAC – Fascism – Hamas – Succession – Anti-Semitism – General Note


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What Hamas and others have in mind isn’t about land: it’s about the existence of Jews in light of their presumptuous possession of the final instructions from God, which they use handily to manipulate their minions and aggrandize themselves. Political absolutists all, they lie and struggle without end to aggrandize themselves through crime and kleptocracy. For those in Gaza not sharing the Hamas mission sense, political solutions have been always at hand. Fatah has a slightly different racist cast with the pan-Arab movement and now historic Soviet influence, but it too as represented by Mahmoud Abbas has reached its dead end mired in anti-Semitic cant and directly related political impotence, blind racist hate never matching in power the presence of a healthy and productive attitude toward humanity.

“Anti-Semitism” is never only about the Jews. The attitude and posture have much wider margins that over time isolate the bearers, induce a barbaric narcissism, and, predictably, bring down the roof on their own heads. Would that “brown shirts”, Hamas, and ISIS and others could be definitively isolated from surrounding populations and dealt with noncombatant involvement, but they really use the defenseless reliably.

Pakistan this past month has attempted to empty whole quarters to get at Taliban his past month and has displaced hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis in doing so — and Taliban have shaved their beards to elude security notice, and the state has a long way to go — as do the Arab states with such as Hamas — in channeling off the related and perverse jihadist worldview.



90 percent of slain Muslims killed by ‘brothers’: Turkey’s religious head – 7/19/2014


“Israeli minister: Abbas is world’s “most anti-Semitic leader” – 1/30/2014.


“The Anti-Semitism of Hamas: Anti-Semitism is a major pillar in the ideology of Hamas.” – 2005

* 10/17/2012


“Pakistan launches new military offensive against Taliban” 6/16/2014


“Inside militants’ secret tunnels in Pakistan” 7/11/2014

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Gaza – Hamas – Iran’s Proxies, Qatar’s Beggers


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In the Mix

From the last URL:

Reuters found no evidence that Khamenei puts these assets to personal use. Instead, Setad’s holdings underpin his power over Iran.

To make Setad’s asset acquisitions possible, governments under Khamenei’s watch systematically legitimized the practice of confiscation and gave the organization control over much of the seized wealth, a Reuters investigation has found. The supreme leader, judges and parliament over the years have issued a series of bureaucratic edicts, constitutional interpretations and judicial decisions bolstering Setad. The most recent of these declarations came in June, just after the election of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani. – 7/15/2014. – 7/17/2014 – “Egypt says Qatar, Turkey and Hamas hurt Gaza ceasefire bid.” – 7/17/2014. – 7/18/2014.

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FTAC – Gaza – Hamas – Fascism


, , Military hardware and supplies look alike all over the world, but between some states, their purposes are very, very different.

Egyptians control the Rafah Crossing, not Israel, and they are not happy either with the Muslim Brotherhood in their state or in Gaza.

In addition to routinely providing health services to children from the Preoccupied Territories (the barbaric and lethal spread of anti-Semitic rhetoric is what has really happened in the Arab world) — ,

Until recently, and for obvious reasons, Israeli universities have provided education services to qualified Palestinian students.

There are many other areas in business and trade in which Israelis and Palestinians participate together or partner. News about Cisco and Sodastream, about Qualifying Industrial Zones, and any number of Israel-based advocacy and peace program organizations are easily found on the web. In fact, one would have to exercise willful blindness to mistake a terror-suppressing security wall for a concentration camp enclosure.

The only Gestapo, SS, and Nazis in Gaza are the fascist Hamas and similar Jew-hating genocidal fascist organizations.

What did those do with the Jews of Gaza who had been nearly continuously on the strip, validated by archaeological evidence, for 3,500 years?

What has happened to their property — greenhouses, synagogues, cemeteries?

The prompt: a vicious visual comparison of military images matching IDF and Nazi elements — soldiers, barbed wire, concrete barriers — devoid of context or honest interpretation.

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Fascist Genocidal Mission

Human Rights - - – “Israel doesn’t want to shed civilian blood. Hamas needs it – especially from its own civilians.”

Image Control Integrity


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