Link – The Crimean Incursion – How Russians Have Seen It


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I was perplexed by how the Russian people could possibly support and not be outraged by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But I live in Denver, and I read mostly U.S. and European newspapers. I wanted to see what was going on in Russia and Ukraine from the Russian perspective, so I went on a seven-day news diet: I watched only Russian TV – Channel One Russia, the state-owned broadcaster, which I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years – and read Pravda, the Russian newspaper whose name means “Truth.” Here is what I learned:

 Katsenelson, Vitaliy.  “Putin’s World: Why Russia’s Showdown with the West Will Worsen.”  Contrarian Edge, November 18, 2014.

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The Interview — Political Fallout!

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has invited the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to Moscow next year to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany in the second world war, the Kremlin’s spokesman said on Friday.

It would be Kim’s first foreign visit since taking the helm of the reclusive east Asian state in 2011. His personal envoy travelled to Moscow last month as part of efforts by the two Cold War-era allies to improve relations. – 12/19/2014

Hollywood didn’t even dare to kill Hitler, the most evil of all dictators, during his lifetime. When Charlie Chaplin made The Great Dictator at the height of World War II, he lampooned the world’s most dangerous man without even considering the possibility of offing him. – 12/18/2014.

We’re in it now.

The International Club of Bad Little Boys has been mightily insulted.

You don’t even have to show the movies even though the head-vaporizing clip has been making the rounds of the web for hours.

It may be enough for the malignantly narcissistic to know what they look like in America and, perhaps, how some of their people may be perceiving them via their own private adventures across the World Wide Web.

From The Awesome Conversation (FTAC) earlier today when asked where North Korea got its madly skilled IT hackers:

KGB–>VEVAK–>SSD Russian purpose or cover has been replaced by Putin’s neo-feudalism, but, possibly, probably, old relationships persist. China (–>MSS) is also not the west’s best buddy. As regards IT in general and possibly demonstrated by Assange and Snowden, the arc of despots seems quite capable of seducing western talent as well as producing prodigious security dictatorships sophisticated in every aspect of computer science concerned with the control of information.

Say it ain’t so, if you can.

It appears to me the United States — and, in general, the open democracies — is under attack in myriad ways daily, internally via foreign investment in influencing the nation’s intellectual assets, externally through means better known to James Bond movies — and now wild cinematic sendups, temporarily suppressed (one hopes) — than to foreign affairs readers.

I revise the axis “Putin-Assad-Khamenei” (“together they are defending political absolutism”) to Putin-Assad-Khamenei-Jong-Un.

Additional Reference

“North Korea: UN Commission documents wide-ranging and ongoing crimes against humanity, urges referral to ICC” – 2/17/2014.

“UN assembly votes to refer North Korea to ICC: UNGA also urges Security Council to consider sanctions against Pyongyang over alleged crimes against humanity.”  Al Jazeera – 12/19/2014. – 12/20/2014.

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FTAC – On Haron Monis – Mentality


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He sent out plenty of “signal” by way of prior crude verbal behavior and visible crime, but the targets of his mentality and those who share it have been slow to promulgate or reinforce sedition and treason laws and to inaugurate detention / investigation without charge in some form. In legally egalitarian liberal democracy, what is done to one must be applicable to all of a class of offender (abortion clinic bombers, for example, are terrorists too), and that may be impeding reaction.

I suspect Muslim-majority states have a deeper quandary as regards identification with these aggressors on two grounds: one is fear of mafia politics in force by these gangs — the feudal seem accustomed to doing away with critics and rivals; and the other involves buy-in and getting something out of the program (and that, apparently, equals some 63,000 Facebook “Likes” for a garden variety narcissistic murderer).

Carlos Bledsoe, Little Rock
Nidal Malik Hasan, Fort Hood
Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon (he’s in Yahoo news today)
Michael Zihaff-Bibeau, Ottowa

At best: an incomplete list.

I hesitate to coin a term in what seems to me, online at least, an ambivalent and confused field: the study of narcissism.  However, in relation to Bledsoe, Hasan, Tsarnaev, and Zihaff-Bibeau, on might suggest the existence of internalized narcissistic scripting.  Each discovered laid out (just for them) a ready made mission in “political Islam” (Erdogan’s Islam, Baghdadi’s Islam, Qaradawi’s Islam, all Islam where either autocratic official or dependent fascist follower endorse civilizational Islamic supremacism).  Once convinced by example and much reinforced by al-Qaeda or Brotherhood-type community-wide communications composed to encourage and incite bloody murder, these “lone wolves” (it has been claimed Monis had more than 60,000 “Facebook buddies”) are primed to deploy themselves and steal from the world the lives of innocents.

Additional Reference 10/24/2014. – 10/31/2014. 12/18/2014. – 11/12/2009. – 12/23/2013: 

‘‘Like I said’’ there’s an all out war against Islam and Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Waziristan, Chechnya, Somalia, Palestine, Phillipines, Yemen etc. And Muslims have to fight back. Like I said before in a past interview we believe in an eye for eye not turn the other cheek. Now it’s a all out war on America and I’m on the other side. The side of the Muslims Yes! The side of Al-Qāeda Yes! Taliban Yes! Al-Shabaab Yes! We are all brothers under the same banner. Fighting for the same cause which is to rid the Islamic world of Infidel and Apostate Hypocritic regimes and Crusader Invaders and re-establish the Caliphate, the Islamic Empire and Islamic Law as was ended officially in 1924 by the fall of the Ottomans.”

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French Cultural Center Bombed – European Parliament Approves Palestinian State “In Principle”

A Gaza salafist group which has sworn its loyalty to the terrorist Islamic State organization has posted a video showing the bombing of the coastal enclave’s French cultural center late last week, NRG News reported Thursday. – 12/18/2014

“It is very symbolic,” Fenwick added, because it was “the last foreign consulate left in Gaza where Palestinians could get visas for abroad.” – with video – 12/13/2014

The Guardian understands the text to be a compromise between Jordanian and French resolutions.

Israel’s prime minister said the moves in Europe were an example of “staggering hypocrisy”. Speaking before a meeting with the US senator, Joni Ernst, Binyamin Netanyahu invoked the Holocaust: “In Geneva they call for the investigation of Israel for war crimes, while in Luxembourg the EU court removed Hamas from the terror list … It seems that too many in Europe, on whose soil 6 million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing.” – 12/17/2014.

Posted to YouTube 12/12/2014

Recording NOT vetted by BackChannels.

Nonetheless, the essentials: ISIS appears to have appeared on the Gaza Strip; the “French Cultural Center”, which provides some diplomatic services, appears to have been bombed; and the European Parliament, “in principle”, supported this week the concept of Palestinian statehood, which is fine, but would be even better if any of the talk and underlying anti-Semitic raving actually served to liberate the residents of Gaza rather than continue and actually reinforce their enslavement by Hamas and others.

Related Reference – 12/17/2014.

Link – ISIS – Ukraine

The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) split off from Al Nusra in 2013 as the Syrian Civil War progressed. has extensively documented its origins, where its fighters come from, parties that benefit from its action, unholy alliances and Russian-speaking commanders. In June 2014, as ISIS was making gains in Iraq, getting widespread publicity we came across a video from Eastern Ukraine – introducing “Islamic state of Donbass and Lugant” (“Lugant” is made up of words “Lugansk” and “Levant”) in Eastern Ukraine. – 12/1/2014 – video included.

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Link – Creeps – Bederman Comments on European Anti-Semitism


This perpetual festering wound, nurtured by the UN through the actions of UNRWA gives the anti-Semites in our world a legitimacy that has been missing since the end of WWII. Seventy years after the Christian world, not just the Nazis, colluded in the murder of 6 million Jews and the disbursement of millions of others, the “down-trodden Palestinians” are the justification for the contempt of the United Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in the USA, the European leaders toward Israel and their desire to agree to the demands of people who want the death of Israel.  – 12/18/2014.

FTAC – Social Litmus Test – Anti-Semitic Expression

As leaders (with immense egos, in lay parlance) “malignant narcissists” — autocrats, dictators, tyrants — do about the same things with the same ends beneath their various banners. In a certain basic way, “Putin-Assad-Khamenei” understand one another better than we, perhaps, understand them. While we’re arguing about ideological or religious doctrine, texts, and themes, they’re manipulating the world around themselves every which way! Part of that manipulation reaches susceptible marks, essentially, who cathect (now I’m getting technical) to a program on offer that speaks to their brand of grandiose narcissistic delusion: in jail, on campus, before a computer reading al-Qaeda’s Inspire online magazine, they have found their mission.

Ditto: XYZ nationalist movements.

General litmus, imho: anti-Semitic expression!

Jews listen for the Jew-hate, of course, but another possibility in observation might attend to what else is spoken around that signal.

The talk was about the attack on the Lindt cafe in Sydney and about the criminals — persons known to the courts, person sending up all kinds of yellow flags — that connect with ideological and religious doctrines that provide to them a sense of mission compatible with “grandiose messianic delusion”, a part of the terms of art associated with bipolar and narcissistic personality disorders.

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Link – On Lampooning Kim Jong-Un


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What is funny to us is the way in which the North Korean government works to create a mythology about itself and to protect itself from people finding out what’s really going on in there and the distortions that they propagate. All these things you hear about their leaders being born under a double rainbow or about them not defecating or urinating—these things are pretty obvious targets for comedy, to us anyway. We watched a lot of documentaries of journalists trying to get in there and see what’s really going on and it’s always the same damn thing: They are shown all of these fake shopping malls and fake cities with fake people walking around pretending that they live there and everything is fine when you can see, just out of frame, that everything is basically weird and haunting and crumbling. – 12/17/2014.

The movie’s getting buzz! – 12/17/2014: “Emails between the Sony Entertainment CEO and a security consultant even appear to suggest the U.S. government may support the notion that The Interview would be useful propaganda against the North Korean regime.”

THIS is an act!

Not an act of war (except against the unprepared).

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