According to a poll published last month by the Center for Strategic Studies at University of Jordan, only 62 percent of Jordanians consider IS—and a mere 31 percent the Syria-based Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al Nusra—to be terrorist organizations. Even more stunning, just 44 percent of Jordanians surveyed say that Al Qaeda is a terrorist group. – 10/20/2014.

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FTAC – A Note on Approaching Fascist Moevements Across Four Dimensions


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Let me suggest four parts or elements that get the machinery working:

1. “Malignant Narcissism” / “Civilizational Narcissism” / relatives of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” / “Bipolar Disorders” (“grandiose, messianic delusion”) –> each of the labels may represent a straying of innate human energy plus some craziness. The application to conflicts within the “Islamic Small Wars” context should be apparent with some meditation but outside of that, the same applies to variants of “National Socialist” presence, e.g., Putin in Russia, Jobbik in Hungary.

2. “Cultural Poetics and Social Grammar” — words do have a power and poison put in the ears or set before the eyes gets into children very early in the development of language plus self-concept. Good adults are careful with what they impart to their children, and, perhaps, good politicians must be careful with their words, but bad parents and bad politicians — there are lots of “BadDaddy’s” — may have cause to hide something shameful in themselves, to deflect attention away from themselves, to keep on stage a glorious image of themselves in the eyes of others, starting with their children.

3. Ideological Political Programming — the conservative’s abhorrence of dhimmi status, poll taxes, state discrimination speaks to that and may make something of a match between old Stalinist Soviet practices and some notes in Islam that seek the transformation of whole populations using central absolute authority and political torque to do it.

4. Cultural linguistics or language behavior –and as behavior, this may differ from “poetics” (the arrangements of symbols that make language possible). When we listen, when we read: how much do we memorize, parrot, ingest and sustain as stable? How much do we create, invent, question?

When Jews greet “The Binding of Isaac” (“The Akedah”, and bear with me on Isaac), a minority opinion notes that perhaps Abraham should have talked back to God (!) instead of setting off to carry out His instructions without hesitation.

Listen and obey? Listen and question?

Narcissism, cultural programming, political programming, and language behavior as behavior (we’re part of as wild a species as any) would be the four anchors of any approach or analysis of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah.

Notably, both Putin and Khamenei operate deeply piratical regimes beneath the cloaks of nationalism and religiosity. They have different trajectories as persons and as representatives of very different states, but they are similar in the pursuit and maintenance of absolute power — absolute control, as if from God — and they apply the same sets of tools for doing that.

I fear overdoing the knowledge part of this kind of view for the fascism it might inspire, if as much has not happened already in the intellectual warrens of governments invested in part in social control.  However, considering the Loud Fascism evident in the wild and the necessity of reducing the same in number and force, the above suggests four useful ways of approaching rogue leaders, their psychology, and their movements.

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Pat Condel – “Boo Hoo Palestine”


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Posted to YouTube October 20, 2014.

Reminders – 7/25/2014. – 7/28/2014.

Protectorates and Suzerain

Semi-Autonomous Gaza

Semi-Autonomous Ramallah

The camps of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt: national protectorates until integrated out of Arab apartheid.

Some dreams never come true and shouldn’t.

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If I took some pages from the middle of one of your books, with the explicit desire to manipulate readers and hide the rest, it would be easy to mislead your audience. That’s exactly what Eichmann’s friend, Willem Sassen, did. Nobody was able to recognize the bigger picture. Today we have over 1,300 pages—along with marginalia from Eichmann—and we have much more information. This has changed a lot. – 10/8/2014.

Speech: My name is Chaim Ferster, not B10924.

Originally posted on Jewish Media Agency :

Mr Ferster

A remarkable speech given by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Chaim Ferster in Manchester on Sunday October 19, 2014. The transcript (and the soon-to-be-released video footage) will be lodged with Yad Vashem following permission from the Ferster family and will sit with Chaim’s documented family history. Thanks also goes to North West Friends of Israel for providing us with a copy of Mr Ferster’s inspirational speech:

My name is Chaim Ferster. I am 92 years old and I survived the horrors of the Holocaust.

 I was 17 when the Nazis came to my hometown in Poland, and by the time I was 21, I had been through 7 concentration camps. In that time, I witnessed the true depths to which man can sink and the speed with which others can rush to join him there.

In Sosnowiec, where I was born, I was given a yellow star to wear, and later in Auschwitz I…

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Real and Imagined Laws of Living in Silwan

Originally posted on FirstOneThrough:

The New York Times deliberately misrepresented opinion as law to disparage Israel, and omitted actual Palestinian laws to hide Arab racism. As such, the paper fully embraced anti-Semitism and the principle of segregation if it prohibits Jews from living in predominantly Arab neighborhoods.

In an article on October 16, 2014 called “A House-by-House Struggle for Control of a Jerusalem Neighborhood”, the NYT’s Isabel Kershner had an opening paragraph that could have been taken from Mein Kampf in describing secretive, cheating and stealing Jews:

“In the dark of night, under the protection of Israeli security forces, Jewish settlers took possession of some 25 housing units in six locations around the Silwan neighborhood of East JerusalemMany of the properties had been rented out, but they were strangely empty when the settlers arrived…Through a multimillion-dollar series of complex and shadowy transactions spanning several years,
Elad engineered the largest…

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Putin’s Defense – Mearsheimer – Response, Note, Loose Reference


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“The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West.” – September-October 2014.

Dr. John J. Mearsheimer appears in the above-cited Foreign Affairs essay a tad confused about “locus of control” in regards to the wave of protest catchalled as “Euromaidan”

While the realpolitik may indeed include notice in Russia of a Soviet post-Soviet transition to a neo-imperial oligarchy bent on expansion through theft, the note received everywhere around it would seem to correspond to an intrinsic yearning for access to justice promoted by democracy.


The search engines of the World Wide Web have become so fast and reasonably accurate that a blog might skip URLs altogether: just block, right-click, and search.  Nonetheless, one has this option in compressing and shaping thought on the web to send a reader toward other information in both useful and whimsical ways (I’m not advertising for Amazon, and, in any case, this blog is accessed worldwide (including from Russia) daily.

As I post, I’m watching and listening to a Reuters production posted on Garry Kasparov’s web site — “Newsmaker: The Rise & Legacy of Vladimir Putin”, and it’s really quite refreshing and wonderful to experience.  The panel is a panel of live wires.

The Russians by Hedrick Smith

Mafia State by Luke Harding

The Man Without a Face by Masha Gessen

The New Nobility by Andrei Soldatov and Irini Borogan

Yanukovych Leaks

“Yanukovych Leaks: Read the Astounding Papers that Ukraine’s Ousted President Left Behind” by Linda Kinstler,  The New Republic, March 12, 2014.

Open Russia: The Return of Open Russia: Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Movement for Civil Society (campaign web site).

Reuters “Newsmaker: The Rise & Legacy of Vladimir Putin”, one-hour video, October 14, 2014, posted on The Official Website of Garry Kasparov.  Panel: Sir Harold Evans (Moderator), Garry Kasparov, David Remnick, Roger Altman, Masha Gessen.

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