Note to a Trump Fan in Canada Regarding “Hammer and Scorecard”


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Posted to YouTube October 28, 2020.

My conversational partner, a Canadian, fervently believes in the latest medieval rumor “Hammer and Scorecard” — a “Deep State” plot to pervert the election via the computing machinery — launched by the now surreal President Donald J. Trump.

From the Awesome Conversation

You should hate the kind of people who lie to you in order to keep you seduced for THEIR — not YOUR OWN — political purposes.

Trump and his cronies know that YOU cannot check out his claims yourself, and by attempting to derail the most dedicated and professional workers in his own government and in the press, he can get you to believe anything HE wants while delivering not very much at all to America’s working men and women.

Remember, our small business community and voters in all of the communities of labor across the land voted for Biden too.

I would love to have you reason critically about beliefs that have become familiar to you but have no basis in reality.

Fear mongering; rumor mills; accusations in a mirror — what HE would do himself, he accuses his opposition of doing to him . . . such have become the medieval tactics now being launched through Donald J. Trump’s political machinery. The victims of President Trump’s false claims and myriad lies are not his critics or America’s journalists or his business rivals — those most exploited are his own and most devoted fans who must turn their backs on the truth and swim into the chaos and darkness he prefers to have swirling around him.

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FTAC: Trumpervention.


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The talk’s off the wall as one to some want an officer of the law to march into the Oval Office, pull him out of his chair, and subject him to a psychiatric evaluation.

The thought may inspire smiles, but I believe there are very few officials or officers warranted to intervene in what has become an absurdly surreal defiance of the Constitutional and cultural principles of the American state. Barr? White House Physician? Pence? Who else?

From the Awesome Conversation

There is no authority stepping up (yet) to do it — and we’re about to watch his minions march nationwide with themselves invalidating the election.

In a democracy, power rests with the will of the people as represented through elected assigns, and then it flows through legislatures and courts and is enforced by dutiful, honorable, and loyal military, paramilitary, and security forces. Well, we might see those forces tested in relation to their loyalty — as sworn — to the Constitution.

Trump appears so far to be pushing for the feudal or medieval solution: he’s the Great Leader; power is to revolve around himself and will be held together by the familiar carrots and sticks: patronage for those favored; threat and punishment for those inclined to resist his will.

How history may remember Trump’s Republican Zealots (to the extent that reasoning modern patriotic Republicans fail to find his behavior alienating) –>l

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Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate . . . .

Medieval Political Philosophy


Trumpian Coup?



Start with Paul Manafort and ask why an urbane and sophisticated American businessman with his eyes on the Presidency would choose him for a campaign manager.

Raise that eyebrow again over Trump’s pressuring James Comey for personal loyalty as opposed to embracing him in the common project of defending America’s Constitution and Rule of Law.

Pause at the Helsinki Moment with Putin.

Revisit Trump’s impeachment and those who comported themselves and spoke truth to power like the American patriots they were — and those fired or sidelined for doing so.

Here’s today’s problem: those most enamored of America’s most cherished democratic principles and traditions, including the running of fair and free elections, have been methodically removed from powerful positions and placed beyond the President and Command in Chief’s direct sphere of control. The same may enjoy accolades and publish books, but absolute direct and personally loyal power now serves at the President’s discretion and pleasure, at least until the first official or officer refuses his order.

My fellow Americans — prepare to welcome Donald J. Trump’s New “American” Nobility as the power representative of our United States IF he continues consolidating what he believes is his grip on the Presidency. In the near term, at least, it won’t matter that Trump didn’t play fair — or behave like an American gentleman and patriot — but that on January 22, he arrived for work with military, paramilitary, all associated security forces, officials, and officers tied up behind him.

Well that was a bit of a rant.

I wonder what others think may happen if the President “pulls rank” and invalidates Joe Biden’s win by confronting the same with raw absolute command of America’s defenses leveraged and perverted to serve himself.


FTAC: Rep. Snark v Dem. Snark


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Inspiration: a word image: “Imagine being a Democrat and having to pretend Joe Biden is competent, Hillary Clinton was innocent, and Barack Obama did a good job.”

From The Awesome Conversation

Joe has just won America’s toughest election; Hillary has no indictments pending; Obama didn’t do a good job: he did a terrific job.

Trump stepped straight away into politics at the top with this guy —

Imagine waking up as an aristocratic deluded narcissistic head-nodding Republican incapable of a moment’s reflection on the distribution of power in a democratic society devoted to rule of law as opposed to unquestioning obedience — oaths of loyalty appreciated — to a “great leader”.

Snap out of it.


FTAC–More Political Philosophy: A Note on Self-Determination and Freedom



All kinds of people are unhappy with Trump’s loss of the American election — valid substantial and outcome-changing complaint has yet to surface in the courts — but none more so than in the camp that has brushed away “Trump-Russia” and now embraced “Biden-China”.

Well, for Trump’s Mob at least, welcome to Orwell’s world.

For everyone else, there may be some questions worth asking for the long-term (because the short-term may be shaping up ugly).

Excerpt From the Awesome Conversation

So to fix everything that has gone wrong since, oh, the 15th Century, you would like to take away self-determination — self-concept; pursuits of autonomy and competence along one’s own selected career and leisure paths; multicultural, multiracial, multi-religious tolerance — and replace that freedom for the person (“pro-choice”) with bureaucratic organization and force. ?

Re. Renmembi (or Ruble): I think the dollar will be fine if or when what’s bothering America finds its way back to integrity.

So-called “secular progressive atheists” comprise but one segment of the nation, but one might suggest that many like the late Christopher Hitchens (“Do you need God to be good?”) may well be forward of our national culture, and no less so than Thomas Paine was forward of his surrounding political culture in his day.

Re. Roe v Wade. I try to stay out of the trap, it has so many thorny questions, but much in its day had to do with coat-hanger abortions, health of the mother, justice in the shadow of rape, and all that. Why do we believe that “back there” is always and somehow (mysteriously) better than forward of the present?

“Capitalism” and “Communism” (and “Socialism”) have become dogma and successful political policy is (or perhaps should have been [the world’s been looking different to me lately]) is a thing well argued and hammered out into cooperation and greater integration across any given unit of geopolitical space.

What is the difference between a Free Man and a Slave?

Or a Citizen and a Loyal Subject?

Do most of the world’s political leaders believe that the most awful of medieval horrors (slogan-driven mobs; vast public ignorance; a nobility clouded in the contents of pressed sachets; pestilence for all on the streets; that sort of Monty Pythonesque thing) should be out ahead in our global future, or might some prefer to disagree?

There should be a chat somewhere online about the look of a good global tomorrow.


FTAC: A Thought About Present Day Social Chaos and Drift for America’s Youth



Inspiration: an older gent’s complaint from Oklahoma about a brush with two drifted young people possibly wanted for crime elsewhere.

Here’s the reflection From the Awesome Conversation –>

A reminder at this point: (10/4/2019). It’s hard believing the post has aged more than a year. Nonetheless, we have a large complex system for about 328 million people, and there’s a level of chaos in it served by criminal networks. The old “hippies” that would go on to “find themselves” may have distilled down to a wretched lot without a forward-moving cohort for channeling. The two cultures, criminal and not, glorified drifters and made an industry of the set loose young a long time ago. It still looks pretty on stage —

The American reality has not been so pretty for or with those so lost and rattling around desperate for basics and belonging.

Children, pretty much, depending on connections, family, and personal issues may be thrown into a . . . nothing, actually, deeply impersonal and mercenary, and one may wonder what that’s like today, so much attention having been paid to the “Baby Boom” generation and some successive as cohorts. Whoever they are now, they were all in it together (at Woodstock or Altamont or the Isle of Man — or places as meaningful in their generational journey).

Where are today’s American “set loose young”?

I’ve been at this desktop for so many years that I may even wonder at the look of the latest in disaffected lost youth. Sneakers, jeans, backpacks, and gadgets? Who holds on to what? How? Where are they going? What’s open (beyond the Amazon depot — or is that it?).


America Medieval Might Explain that ‘Supine’ Republican Senate


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WHAT IF the United States of America were returned to aristocracy?

WHAT IF Americans less connected were returned to obedience to absolute authority?

Along the way, the Trump-hated Left has been off on its liberation trip with its eyes on universal basics and trashing of white male this and patrician that. What if the White Male Kingdom and America’s Old Money were gambling on some powerful representation themselves with the cooperation, of course, of police and military forces?

What if Trump’s World was primping to look like Putin’s World ordered by his loyal New Nobility and bounded by a corrupt faked up marriage between Church and State?

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Cagaptay, Soner. “From Ataturk to Erdogan: Reshaping Turkey.” The Washington Institute, August 14, 2011.

Collinson, Stephen. “Alarm grows over Trump’s ‘dictator moves’ as he denies defeat.” CNN Politics, November 11, 2020.

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Tait, Robert. “Turkey Says Farewell to the Generals.” RFE/RL, August 2, 2011.

It took a century and a democratic revolution invoked by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) — a coalition of conservatives, reformed Islamists and Islamists that came to power in 2002 — for Turkey’s “Kemalist Occident,” or dalliance with the West, to end. With the mass resignation of Turkey’s military leadership last month, the last standing Kemalist institution, the army, has succumbed to the AKP’s decade-long political tsunami.

This political bookend for Kemalism suggests that AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is Turkey’s “new” Ataturk. He doesn’t have the cachet of being Turkey’s liberator, but he enjoys as much power as Ataturk once had. 8/14/2011.

Posted to YouTube August 4, 2011.

Posted to YouTube, November 9, 2020.

The firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper kicked off a rapid-fire series of high-level departures at the Pentagon on Tuesday, setting off alarms on Capitol Hill that the White House was installing loyalists to carry out President Donald Trump’s wishes during an already tense transition.

In quick succession, top officials overseeing policy, intelligence and the defense secretary’s staff all had resigned by the end of the day Tuesday, replaced by political operatives who are fiercely loyal to Trump and have trafficked in “deep state” conspiracy theories. – 11/10/2020.

Posted to YouTube October 26, 2020.


A Scrolling Mansplaining FTAC Without Explanation


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Hmm. No wonder my blood pressure is up! 🙂

It’s about 10:30 a.m. EST here, and the reading listed immediately below has been prompted by Right Wing Nuts intent on repeating the latest in medieval conservative gossip circles . . . and I’m not sure they’re even doing that or anything other than inserting off-the-hook agitation and propaganda by way of accusations and false claims.

For the record — and this time — and concerning the Pennyslvania vote, no evidence has been brought to bear to prove that the incumbent and now lame duck President Trump and those who voted for him have been treated in the least measure unfairly.

In my opinion, and I know I am not alone in this, the President and his backers and supporters have chosen to delay the Biden Transition and degrade America’s democracy.

For the aggravation and energy involved (and that pesky measurement of cardiovascular health), I’m going to curtail for myself the idea that a human may compete with computers when it comes to assembling focused lists.

We’ve all been through this Man v Machine a few times in the past two centuries or so.

The morning’s spate of relays (via so far –> – 11/10/2020 – 11/9/2020 – 10/24/2020 11/8/2020 – 3/24/2018 – 11/2/2020 – 7/15/2020

On Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s suggestion to create a worked-for-Trump blacklist. My conversational partner suggested that such a list would bring us back to Stalin. So, From the Awesome Conversation –>

It would bring us back to McCarthy.

We should live in a meritocracy with fine American judgment on the part of executives and managers throughout, but I’m certain we don’t.

The tension on which I have at times focused has been that between an incumbent or resurgent feudal absolutism — and all that implies — and a revolutionary democratic modernity.

Lists, nods, and whispers better define the former. 2017 (2019)

In life’s realpolitik, of course, most respond to the needs of family and friends first, and our friends are often people to whom we may relate, i.e., if enabled, we’ll hire the kind of people with whom we would like to work.

It has been said of whacked out paranoid Stalin that at the end, he felt he could not trust even himself.

My blog addresses that psychology: It’s really a part of the contemplation of narcissism in politics at high levels.

Author recommendation: Jerrold M. Post.

FB – 11/10/2020/09015

On the political censoring of others and the question “Why?”


For the malign and controlling, the process starts with “Narcissistic Mortification”, moves to covering (the damaged self) and splitting (an heroic new self). Along the way, these guys — “malignant narcissists” — bust through normal boundaries and limits and become deeply controlling manipulative (as with “gaslighting”). The Left-Right axis may be accidental or involve an attractive dogma, but the “grandiose and messianic delusion” that compels the peacock (or, sometimes, the fireman who sets the fire so that he may show up and put it out to public acclaim) always ends in the want of “unlimited narcissistic supply”, i.e., public acclimation, adoration, and validation without end. The cause matters less than the psychology.

What becomes more interesting about dictators (whatever the stripes) are the followers who march into line. (Suggested reading:

The “Great Leader” has primarily his image to defend (so no free press as the stakes rise) plus always the want of astounding approval. Around them, the system becomes controlling, and around them, the seduced pick up the traits.

The professionals — like Jerrold Post — in the democratic west engaged pursue a dispassionate inquiry into political extremism.

A part of my journey has involved Soviet/post-Soviet issues, so I latch a little bit to the Communist legacy in the support of dictatorships. A look at the famous graduate of the Patrice Lumamba school may be revealing as would a look-see at the World Peace Council. While Moscow diminished the Communist Party in Russia, under Putin, it was to take up a hybrid 19th Century view a post-Imperial Era nationalism anchored popularly in a revived (and unfathomably corrupt) Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Army. The “blood and soil” format is recognizable and the stance persistently illiberal.

If possible, we should all choose the flag in the middle, as it were, but with sides, we (at least in America) Left-Far-Left and Right-Far-Right. I regard Left Fringe (who shout down their opposition) as holdovers from the Soviet Era and “The Party” way of doing business; the Right Fringe reminds of other reactionary movements, i.e., fascism in Europe and, perhaps, the “America First Party” in domestic politics in 1943.

FB – 11/10/2020/0330