FTAC: On Governance and Realpolitik


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Okay — we know how smooth politics are with 300 million Americans — you design the system for 1.4 billion Chinese. 🙂

Possibly, Russia’s answer and part of the seduction of the EU / NATO states may be to protect the power of financial and political elites against the demands of great populations with needs to match.  Why not sew it all up with friends in the nomenklatura?

When the west demurred from engagement in Iran’s 2009 attempted revolution, I don’t know whether the decision was to buy time for Russia to run itself down or to capitulate to governments representing kleptocratic dictatorships. Instead of making the world safe for democracy (these days), we may be preparing it for governance by powerful and wealthy elites who think little of the liberties, lives, and happiness of others (who exist to serve them).


Module: Moscow and the Middle East Conflict


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The story begins in the feudal mode with medieval anti-Semitism.






The story may end with the Palestinian’s own recovery of integrity. 


19th Century Russian Anti-Semitic Obsession –> Developing Nazi Germany –> Middle East –> Development of Yasser Arafat | Development of an Orwellian Political Method | Encouragement of Left / Far Left Peace and Sunshine Organizations | Masking off the Violence (Political Repression) Applied to the Defense of Privileged Elites (from Czar to Party to Putin).

Organizations representing the Cultural Left appear to have split the scene with Moscow (man) each time Soviet tanks appeared in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and elsewhere.

If what the Soviet was selling was so good . . . why the intimidation and force?

The Soviet Union dissolved itself in history more than 25-1/2 years ago (Dec. 25, 1991).  However, in the course of Putin’s tenure, Moscow has continued to meet with Hamas and PFLP leadership and through war — direct, hybrid, or by proxy — continued to battle western integrity and liberal democracy in Syria and Ukraine — and if connected through cooperation with Tehran, than Yemen also.

How are things going for the Phantoms of the Soviet?

Have a look at Syria (start with Homs).

Have a look at Moscow’s financials.

Orwellian Politics and Palestinian Suffering

George Orwell’s Animal Farm turns out the template for how corrupt power manages (with totalitarian methods) “the masses” (AKA “the street”, “The People”) for its own aggrandizement and enrichment.

In politics, disinformation poisons cultures, and here it may be suggested that what the Soviets, the PLO, and Hamas have accomplished is neither the creation nor preservation of Palestinian anything but rather the destruction and impoverishment of Gaza City and Ramallah while growing their respective systems of patronage on skimmed funding and a host of shady enterprises.

Of course, after 70 years of cultural and political separation from the Arab world by way of the camps, which are now small cities, and by way of apartheid Arab social policy — that which set up the Yarmouk Camp in Syria for devastation by the Arab and Muslim forces of Syria and ISIS — the refugees of 1948, much abused by the Arab world itself, may now be truly a “Palestinian People” in need of detoxification from Soviet Era disinformation and manipulation and an Arab people nonetheless apart from the Arab politics that has so abused their existence.

Today, “The Occupation” may be better stated as “The Preoccupation with the Jews”.

The principle misnomer — and misguidance — needs a complete and permanent deconstruction.

BackChannels has previously commented on the Boycott Divestitures and Sanctions (BDS) Movement — https://conflict-backchannels.com/2016/03/08/bds-cult-modules/ — and what it senses to be the Palestinian main base:  https://conflict-backchannels.com/2016/09/23/ftac-these-too-are-palestinians/ .



FTAC: Anti-Semitism: On the Left Sidebar’s Earliest Statement


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“Caution: The possession of anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist thought may be the measure of the owner’s own enslavement to criminal and medieval absolute power.”

The statement appears with many others down the left sidebar:


The greater contest associated with anti-Semitism may be that between feudal power supported by the medieval worldview — power descends directly from God to some benighted human — and the modern image of our glorious and variegated humanity. Those that recognize that God, nature, and the universe have produced and sustained for us at this time about 7,000 living language cultures, each of them addressing their environmental and social challenges differently, should not be able to remain with or return to an inflexible absolutism. 

The supremacist values — out of any people anywhere at any time — defy nature and human nature, and where they’re forced to work — because it takes force to get them to work — people suffer . . . and it could be said that everyone suffers.

Indulgence in anti-Semitic cant may be a good signal of having chosen to march one’s people backward in time.


Also in Media: On the Koch Brothers


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Oddly enough, the fiercely capitalist Koch family owes part of its fortune to Joseph Stalin. Fred Koch was the son of a Dutch printer who settled in Texas and ran a weekly newspaper. Fred attended M.I.T., where he earned a degree in chemical engineering. In 1927, he invented a more efficient process for converting oil into gasoline, but, according to family lore, America’s major oil companies regarded him as a threat and shut him out of the industry. Unable to succeed at home, Koch found work in the Soviet Union. In the nineteen-thirties, his company trained Bolshevik engineers and helped Stalin’s regime set up fifteen modern oil refineries. Over time, however, Stalin brutally purged several of Koch’s Soviet colleagues. Koch was deeply affected by the experience, and regretted his collaboration. He returned to the U.S. In the headquarters of his company, Rock Island Oil & Refining, in Wichita, he kept photographs aimed at proving that some of those Soviet refineries had been destroyed in the Second World War. Gus diZerega, a former friend of Charles Koch, recalled, “As the Soviets became a stronger military power, Fred felt a certain amount of guilt at having helped build them up. I think it bothered him a lot.”

In 1958, Fred Koch became one of the original members of the John Birch Society, the arch-conservative group known, in part, for a highly skeptical view of governance and for spreading fears of a Communist takeover . . . .


At a time when Americans are watching with some horror contests between the Trump Administration and responsible mainstream media, also between the Trump Administration and Congress, also between the Trump Administration and America’s ill and vulnerable, and, finally, between (not the Trump Administration) absurdly polarized American political parties, the Koch Brothers as cultural philanthropists and political activators seem ever an indirect part of the American experience.

Since reading a Mother Jones piece on the brothers, BackChannels has been compiling Koch Brothers articles without comment, but may here share the list and let that suffice for the time being.

Note: where date of publication appears embedded in the article URL, BackChannels will not repeat it in listing.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/05/koch-brothers-family-history-sons-of-wichita – 5/20/2014.



http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Column-One-The-Koch-Brothers-meet-the-crackpots-454481 – 5/19/2016

http://talkingpointsmemo.com/cafe/behind-make-america-great-the-koch-agenda-returns-with-a-vengeance – 11/21/2016.

















Also in Media: “How to save Gaza: Palestinian American says it’s time to stop blaming Israel” | by Ahmed Fouad Alkhatib | Jewish Journal | July 12, 2017


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Now, as an American citizen living in San Francisco, I can write about my experiences and perspectives in ways that many in Gaza cannot, fearing only that my parents, siblings and other family members who remain there are not held responsible for my opinions. My folks are sometimes jealous of my ability to speak my mind and remind me frequently to consider the implications for them of what I say.

While Israel continues to play a significant role in Gaza’s affairs, the grim anniversary of the Hamas takeover warrants focusing less on Israel than the role that Palestinian political organizations have played in worsening the misery for Gaza’s more than 2 million residents. And that has led me to conclude that the United Nations, for all its problems and the hate it incurs by Israelis, is perhaps Gazans’ best hope for progress.

Read the Whole Thing: How to save Gaza: Palestinian American says it’s time to stop blaming Israel – 7/12/2017.

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FTAC: MEC: Russia’s Earlier Influence of the Palestinians


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I’ve harped on this answer around Facebook, and may have gotten a bad rep for it, but I stand behind what I have found in relation to the middle east conflict and the political history of the 20th Century:

The west and the Palestinians (together) have been duped by Moscow!

Repeat it twelve times — because it’s true.


I know that Arafat and Abbas are deeply admired figures in the Palestinian territories, but I / we also know that the Palestinians have been deeply controlled by the powerful management of their information space accompanied by political repression.

None may have peace without integrity and none may have integrity without full acknowledgement and comprehension of how Russia’s history and political culture contributed to Nazism and to the later formulation of Palestinian “liberation” rhetoric — and then the raiding of the proceeds of the business.

Regarding the path of the forged “Protocols” and their transfer into Germany in the 1920s:


The Palestinians may not know it, but they’re in good position, professor Dajani especially, to become the world’s leaders in bona fide intellectual history IF they can get The Bear off their backs.

That’s something to think about.

In the interest of peace, one may also lend consideration to whether evolving and modifying the systems of infantilizing disinformation (for “the masses” who would fare better being treated like human beings) and related loyalty and patronage should be changed quickly or slowly — but they have to be changed IF the Palestinians and their advocates (or interlocutors) genuinely wish for better lives — real dignity, real freedom, honorable prosperity — all the way around.


Repressive, selfish, and totalitarian regimes hide what they do by shielding their followers from cogent and legitimate information. They basically keep their own in order — loyalty to powerful narcissists — by keeping them deprived of knowledge.

The officials who continue to harp on Mein Kampf, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and countless rumors that serve as “blood libels” should be of another day a long time ago.

Those who sustain such practices with their mouths should be regarded as phantoms by Israelis and Palestinians equally.

The prompt for the rant had been reference to a Palestinian Authority “leader” talking up the forgery that was The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the question raised was what to do today about that kind of baldfaced lying.

BackChannels shorter answer: drag it out into the sun where all may see it.


Also in Media: In Translation: “Russia’s thorny road to democracy – Parts I, II, and III: Interviews with Dissident Igor Sharapov” | Alina Nychyk, Editor and Translator | Hold the Trend | Series from April 14 to July 9, 2017 

Sharapov was imprisoned for 10 years when Vladimir Putin came to power.

Prior to this, in 1993, President Yeltsin confessed to him and his teacher, Vladimir Gomelskyi, that he cannot remove communists even around him in the Kremlin.

Sharapov was an assistant to the deputy of the Commission the Legislative Assembly of the city, where Putin comes from (Saint Petersburg). He was one of the initiators of the procedure for liquidating the District Committee of the Communist Party in the city, and transferring the building to the House of Freedom. Together with Gomelskyi, he was an initiator of dismantling Lenin’s monument at the central station in St. Petersburg.

Starting from 1989 until his arrest in 2000, he was creating anti-communist trade unions without employers and their agents on the basis of the Charter of the Polish group “Solidarity”. These unions were members of the Association of Free Trade Unions “Justice”.

Sharapov won a number of court trials while protecting employee trade unions, but lost his own criminal trial. The court passed the verdict without the presence of a jury in a remote northern region of Russia, where prisoners were tortured. The court’s decision contained Sharapov’s accusation in killing of a previously convicted person with two blows into the stomach, however, the man was killed by the two policemen. In reality, the authorities could not forgive him for the organization of anti-communist trade unions independent of the government in the largest Russian port, on the main railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and in St. Petersburg’s subway, as well as for the organization of victorious workers’ strikes.

After his release, he was seen among the defenders of the Euromaidan barricades in Ukraine.


Russia’s thorny road to democracy – Part I – Hold the Trend

Russia’s thorny road to democracy – Part II – Hold the Trend

Russia’s thorny road to democracy – Part III – Hold the Trend


FTAC: Middle East Conflict: All That Doesn’t Exist


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I am suggesting that if rational peace were possible today — and you are rational in your thinking — it would have been achieved with the Oslo Accords or, later, when the Jews accepted their own ejection from Gaza.

Conveniently dropped from the “rational” discourse, which isn’t so rational if it avoids, covers, or masks the historic alliances, the more brutal forces of order, and the intellectual poisoning (disinformation fed to the Palestinians for incitement), in the region are elements difficult to deny.  For simpletons and “useful idiots” — Stalin’s term for those he could control and use with his mouth — the narrative will start with colonizing and theft of the land by European Jews (even though land was purchased and Jewish agricultural development grew the population in paid Arab and Jewish labor; even though the Jewish presence / residence in the land spans thousands of years — 3,500 years in Gaza; even though Hebrew could have been borne and spoken nowhere else; even though 800,000 Jews ejected from Arab states — what happened to their property? — contributed to the formation of modern Israel — and the Hebrews are justifiably back in the Land of the Hebrews).

All of that in parenthesis seems tucked away in the arguments of the anti-Semitic.

Add: the “work” of the BDS movement, the Electronic Intifada, the nominal “peace movements” and leaders that sustain the middle east conflict — and most at cost to Palestinians more than anyone else! — by promoting the same vacuous words over and over and over again in true _Animal Farm_ fashion: “The Occupation” (“the brutal occupation . . . .”) when in fact Moscow literally produced Arafat to produce in turn a pretty good conflict business that has liberated no one but the corrupt and the criminal.


Shrugged away.

Hamas anti-Semitism?

Masked away with apologies and professions of good intentions made by third parties.

Arab apartheid — evidenced in the camps and much confirmed by the brutality meted to Yarmouk in the course of the Syrian Tragedy?

Not a mention of responsibility for the diminishing of the rights and status of refugees — and note: all others spilling out of other wars are at worst most reluctantly maintained in camps as they meet other migration and resettlement challenges. Only the Palestinians have been singled out by the Arab world — or the former edition of it — for use as a weapon against the Jewish (Hebrew) State. For almost seventy years, the fate of the same have been suborned to the ambitions of royals leveraging fear and hatred of the Jews and interest in religious supersession to do it.

All of that?

Gosh, it just doesn’t seem to exist, does it?