Rationality has its kernel in cogent observable and measurable correlation giving rise to hypotheses and theories that may be disproved.  The realm of things that may be disproved, like the idea that the earth is flat or that the sun and stars revolve around the earth, may be limited and dissatisfying, for most Homo sapiens sapiens prefer some share of the immeasurable by way of imagination invested in divinity and faith, and there may be in that, much observed, the freedom to soar.

At this point, I’m inclined to take my own narcissistic eloquence with a grain of salt, communion with God, nature, and the universe being probably as dangerous, intellectually and socially, as it may be romantic, enthralling, and wholesomely Jewish in its assertions.

From a more practical perspective, I’m a proponent of producing improvement in “Qualities of Living” universally and regardless of assigned legacy or appropriated religious or spiritual stance.  Faith in God is good, but food supply, health care and its distribution, and appropriate employment are good things too and more the sort of things on which we humans may work together.

Even so, poor or rich, animist or monotheist, let’s not be too quick to dismiss what is joyous and right in living.

Count ecstasy worthwhile.