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Anyone got the monopoly on truth?

Who decides (anything, everything)?

You do.

One listening or reading and reasoning soul at a time.

From The Awesome Conversation (on Facebook), and just ten minutes old, if that:


I see no value in political correctness. Period. I do see value in the global promotion of integrity, especially in the communicating and information sectors, and specifically educators, reporters, and researchers, and I might give some elevation to those toiling everywhere in the arts and humanities. These assume their roles with a debt already in place, whether they’re having a conversation with souls across time or writing a next series in pop songs.

This is the one way in which I’m glad Chomsky ascended to the barricades and become a Far Left (New Old Now Old and Lost Left) folk hero — he set the mark for Daniel Everett, a personality so much less of a Boston peacock, who has seen language a little differently and has an abundance of hard data and penetrating logic to support his views.

Let’s get to the shimmer, the “what’s coming over the berm” in the way of Islamofascism: is it “rising as one man” as my friend Tammy Swofford — it will take the curious two seconds to locate her conservative blog — has played with the title of a brief; is stumbling (and I think the stories in Somalia and Mali tell that story); are its adherents striving toward some kind of humanist reformation, and such seems to be appearing, if in small numbers, with Tarek Fatah, Qanta Ahmed, M Zuhdi Jasser, and many other co-aligning personalities across the Islamic Small Wars and their fronts.

Is there a line to be held?

I think so.

Is it only where Al Qaeda and its ilk have an active presence?

I don’t know.

I do know I have asked various others at time with regard to the Umman and their Kavkaz Center-like “Christian Crusader West” vs. the Aafia Siddiqui image of Islam whether any had a transition plan for about 1.2 billion souls nominally affiliated at minimum. None have yet to provide me — or anyone — with a politically correct or incorrect answer to that puzzle.

My tack: try not to get to the end of the story — the apocalypse, the messiah, Judgment Day, and such — too fast; and while slowing it down, let’s have a good look at culture, language, and psychology.

If a global intelligentsia, however cobbled together, has any value, it might have its own mission in evolution, one supplanting “all against all” with “all for all”.

This takes work, but between the possession of a somewhat common global English and some nifty computers, we get to invent our own extraordinarily democratized people’s diplomacy, and that alone may well subvert any state monopoly on information and image.