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▶ True HD “for the best communication” TrueMove H: Giving – YouTube. – 9/11/2013


The clip has been viewed more than 12 million times as of this sharing of it.

In my previous post, I suggested “Money shouldn’t be everything.”  Here I may add that image shouldn’t be everything either.

The telecommunications company True Move H may have to rise to the challenge of doing business with the humanity — in essence, the compassion and charity — it preaches in its video.

Japanese clients and customers will have to fill me in on how that’s going.

For pathos — the emotional content of the argument — the numbers tell how well the message has worked.

For the blubbering, call it advertising’s Spielberg moment of 2013.

Will the clip encourage global political effects?

Perhaps as with chicken soup, a little bit of what it’s got couldn’t hurt.

Additional Reference

The True Move H mobile phone advert that has everyone crying | Mail Online – 9/16/2013

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