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Confronting the challenge posed by an uncomfortable truth may be more compassionate and productive than the passive enjoyment of a comforting, patronizing, or placating word. To get a little improvement in “qualities of living”, which might include psychological and spiritual variables as well as physical indices, wants for accuracy in observation and analysis in regard to things that are wrong or not so good, and things that are possible, if not always ideal.

What can be done?

Whether with the geopolitical transitional edges between the medieval and modern; whether with the political psychology related to narcissism in power; whether with capital and communal tensions involving resource allocation, development, and trade — one wants to see into states of affairs with both comprehensive and comprehending means.

That much would be helpful.

Greed is not good; money should not be everything: from household to state, even from the flower box to the lands held by an estate, multiple cultural, environmental, and social ecological systems bear on their productivity and sense of well-being: we should get our heads around that and act to produce law and policy accordingly.

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