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Were the Dark Ages truly benighted because of the “suffocating” forces of Christianity? Or were these dark ages—which “coincidentally” occurred during the same centuries when jihad was constantly harrying Europe—a product of another suffocating religion? Was the Spanish Inquisition a reflection of Christian barbarism or was it a reflection of Christian desperation vis-à-vis the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who, while claiming to have converted to Christianity, were practicing taqiyya and living as moles trying to subvert the Christian nation back to Islam?

Surreal and Suicidal: Modern Western Histories of Islam | Raymond Ibrahim – 10/3/2013.

A gentle deflection of argument entails labeling the criticism as having to do with “POLITICAL Islam” as opposed to some other, but with now quite a few Islamic autocracies roiling in blood, suffering, and suppression, one may ask what part of Islam is not political? The bravery expressed and inherent in Islamic humanists and reformers should not be underestimated in their efforts to influence and shape a different future for Muslims, but the barbaric aspects in history and legacy may drag at their heels nonetheless.


In the above article, Ibraham reminds me of Oriana Fallaci and her ever honest and firm pen on the matter as well as contemporary Giulio Meotti‘s equally steadfast scholarship.

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