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(CNN) — Gunmen burst into the home of a local leader Thursday in Iraq, killing him and five of his family members as they slept. The attackers then planted explosives and blew up the home, police said.
The attack took place in Tikrit.

Council leader, family killed in their sleep in Iraq – CNN.com – 11/8/2013.

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The female MP recalled when Sheikh Ali was member of her political party, saying he used to live in a house owned by Iraq’s chief of staff and that he had 30 bodyguards who were all on the payroll of the government.

She further claimed that he used to praise and glorify the government day and night. But when it was no longer in his interest, he turned against the government and considered it his enemy.

TV debate goes wrong as Iraqi tribal sheikh removes microphone, throws it away – 1/20/2013.

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And Sheik Ali Hatem al-Suleiman, a leader in the Sunni Awakening movement, storms out of the conference after the opening speeches and threatens to leave the conference altogether. “People want answers from us,” he says. “We’re not going to sit here only to listen to speeches.” The Awakening opposes the Sunni-led insurgency within Iraq. Shi’ite leader Sheik Muhammed Fahman al-Rikahis wonders how any reconciliation can take place if key groups are not invited or fail to take part in the dialog.

Ali Hatem al-Suleiman – 3/18/2008.


It’s not all the Sheik al-Suleiman’s fault, if it all.

The shadows creep across the landscape, sewing discord or renewing it, etching their program in blood to bear forth inconsolable sorrows to soak in endless cycles of revenge.


Six high ranked Democrats and Republican senators claimed sectarian violence was rife also because of Maliki’s failure to give Iraq’s Sunnis, Kurds and other minorities a greater role in the country’s administration.

“This failure of governance is driving many Sunni Iraqis into the arms of al-Qaida in Iraq and fuelling the rise of violence,” a letter signed by both high ranked Democrats and Republican senators read.

Russia Supplies 44 Military Helicopters to Iraq after US Snub – IBTimes UK – 11/8/2013.

Perhaps Putin knows something about Al Qaeda – Wahhabi – Sunni Islam and the extremist fronts to which two, albeit from the darker shadows, contribute cash or favors for “field operations” to their perceived advanced guard.


Al Qaeda’s main branch in Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), will be disbanded but the jihadist al-Nusra Front will continue to operate in the country under al Qaeda’s command, al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri said in an audio message broadcast by Al Jazeera on Friday . . . Zawahiri said in the message that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of al Qaeda operations in Iraq, had “made a mistake by establishing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant without asking for our permission, or even informing us”. It was not clear when his statement was recorded.”

Al Qaeda reshuffles operations in Syria – SYRIA – FRANCE 24 – 11/8/2013.

The legitimacy of a theocat’s power rests on several competitive dimensions — lineage, mentors, scholarship — approximated similarly among uncommon or exceptional personalities.

Of course, in lieu of other and more peaceful social methods and skills, they’re going to fight for position Alpha.


▶ Iraq violence producing a damaged generation suicide bomber – YouTube


BBC News – Iraq violence: Army base suicide bombings kill 16 – 11/7/2013.


At first glance, they can look vibrant, busy and even welcoming. But without notice they can turn into a scene of the utmost violence.

Bombings of bus stations, cafes, restaurants and even mosques have become part of everyday life.

More than 400 people have been killed in attacks in Iraq this month . . . .

BBC News – Baghdad bomb blasts pile pressure on Iraq leaders – 10/29/2013.


One may suggest that the invention of a religion synthesis the immediate concerns as well as habits of mind of the adapting and adopting culture, i.e., we invent our programs – sun worship or virgin sacrifice, holy emperor or more reasonably humble elected public servant — and then we live in them and call what we do “our culture” and our way and our calendar and our rites and our language.

Iraqis caught up in promoting and facilitating sectarian violence may be likened to dictators or mafia bosses: while we’re quick to notice the methods involved in making “offers that can’t be refused”, we’re slow to notice how dismally trapped — painted into their own corners, suffocated surrounded by their own mirrors — these personalities make themselves.

Having hitched their identity and honor to corruption, murder, and sadism, they’re “in it” but good with their associates behind them to keep them from backing up.

If that is the premise — and we could argue it some and it would probably hold up — what drives Iraq’s violence, what’s in the heart, i.e., combatant self-concept, has access to no program other than continued accelerated and escalated “gaming violence” and retribution.

Those who keep themselves out of it needs must passively, cautiously perhaps, weather it.

It’s a miserable condition in which to live with more moderate and productive passions and ends.

There are never enough dead for forestall the launch of one more attack.

And another.



BBC News – Analysis: Iraq’s never-ending security crisis – 10/3/2013.

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