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Your host has been able to aggregate news items and comment on and around them freely to this point, but a number of prestigious publications, from The Economist to The New York Times, have started gating their product for a very few views before asking for tribute, and I may no longer access the same as freely as I have in past years.

Neither may you.

Countermeasures: develop a subscription kitty; attempt some / more primary virtual reporting.

Considering the news noted and commented on for this blog, the complaints are very, very small.

Nonetheless, the carving of the global English-reading audience has begun, and I would wish not to be captive to but a handful of major text-based media outfits.

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The view rates for BackChannels, possibly the most obscure blog in the entire conflict universe, have doubled over the winter.  The numbers are still small but multiplied by days, they spark some interest: who is reading?  How may they be integrating what I’ve had to note about the axes of conflicts as defined by dimensions in political psychology?  Is there a formerly unquestioning Israel-hating anti-Semite Out There on whom it has dawned that the attitude itself is an issue that may be intellectually isolated, deconstructed, and dismissed as an artifact of legacy no longer useful?

Even one of such would change the world.

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