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For BackChannels readers, the hyphenated troika noun “Putin-Assad-Khamenei” should by now need no introduction: Trés Amigos Dictador.

My blogging has similarly pinned the Shiite-Sunni conflict within the Syrian Civil War as “two mad wasps in a bell jar”.

On the matter of post-Soviet linguistic hangovers and inherent anti-western cant and agitprop, one notes the same for the anachronism that, say, “imperialist Yankee scum” has become, especially now that that the old pro-Soviet useful have become by default useful to reinvigorated Russian Imperialism and deeply dependent on the vertical of power in Moscow for arms supply and trusty RT-supported anti-western propaganda.

The hangup for the west, the cause of somewhat covert arms resupply to “moderate” Syrian rebels: the “moderates” retain the facets of immoderate scripting when it comes to Jews, Israel, and the west, and (here we go), they seem not to have a strong script of their own, at least not one that competes with the zealot’s investment in Islamic jihad and sectarian legacy.  With some kind of fortitude and guts, the Free Syrian Army has yet a place on the field, God bless ’em, but in fighting against the criminal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad and the three amigos of political crime generally, they appear not to have “got it” yet when it comes to “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”.

Didn’t that come with colonialism?

Wasn’t that part of the oppression brought by western imperialists?

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My childhood friend arrived on my doorstep in Damascus, bottle of wine in hand and grinning ear to ear, and told me how he enjoyed hearing the “snap” of his victims’ bones.

When I first heard the rumours that he had become part of the shabiha, militia man who torture and rape at will in the name of saving President Bashar al-Assad, I didn’t believe them.

Syrian Freedom | News direct from the Syrian revolution – 3/23/2014.

It would seem the barbarians are all around: in Assad’s paid Shabiha, in al-Nusra’s zealots, in Khamenei’s sponsored Hezbollah, in nobody-owns-em ISIS.

Who are the modern?

Who are the moderate?

The “Free Syrian” (add the next “Noun”) define themselves out of their own mouths, and if they define themselves only by way of the contempt they harbor for others — start with the Jews of Israel — they haven’t yet in their heads what they need to leverage more enthused and open cooperation from “the west”: i.e., a modern attitude toward their fellow man and themselves.

It’s easy to criticize, and from an armchair, no less, so let’s get beyond that and on to the passions involved in denouncing a modern day Pharaoh and leaving all of that behind — and everything in complicity, fear, weakness, and passivity that may be associated with it — never to look back.

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