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This showed up a few days ago from the CAIR-friendly side, I suppose, with a different slant but the same theme. http://time.com/104804/debunking-the-extremist-myth-that-islam-is-anti-jewish/ Narcissistic “tenderness” promotes this full-blown anti-defamation response when in fact the “anti-Jihad” writers like Steve Emerson, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer have plenty of historic and current material with which to work.

In 2003, Daniel Pipes asked “How many Islamists?” That was the concern in the ranks of the watching back then. I would hope that after so many years with the growth of the social networks and development of a wondrously broad global intelligentsia that we may see states of affairs more clearly, and perhaps that to the effect that one may see the secular dictator and religious zealot as sharing similar personality features and the “middle, mild, and moderate” (I have my tropes) have to bond across many boundaries — economic, political, religious — to get the reins on them.


Doing this “FTAC” thing is like Carson’s “Carnac” (I’m that old): you get the comment first, then the stimulus. ย In this case, it was the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s latest, “Proving Our Point” (May 23, 2014).

Cultural grammar, language, political psychology, malignant narcissism — the themes come together.

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I’ve a hard time staying away from this blog.


May we find peace in opposition to those who foment dissension, injustice, and violence around the world.

Shabbat Shalom.

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