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Palestinian alternative activist Mudar Zahran made the connection earlier today between proponents of the anti-Israel BDS movement and Nazis outright — and, of course, he’s spot-on as regards the truth of that — and Canadian professor Linda Feldman had elsewhere and moments prior mentioned the work of Mo Asumang, a German celebrity – “filmmaker, actress, and tv presenter” – who recently has produced a body of work about the being and meaning of “Aryan”.

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“Our religion should be us.  You’re a white man, you’re a god in yourself, stand up and fight for your race . . . .” (1:14)

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In psychology, there may be another aspect in being that intuitively discovers, evolves, and revolves around core identity themes, but whether and to what extent we concern ourselves with our respective legacies in culture, language, race, and religion in the development of individual self-concept seem to me questions quite open but rapidly closing on the race card.

In fact, that theme begs another question: “Is that all you’ve got?”

There is always a great deal else in that noggin — anyone’s — too.

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