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“Who is a Jew?” is a terrible question as it is answered so often by anti-Semites with a program for plunder (or conversion and taxation).

Apart from that, I’ve started my definition (so it’s not the pervasive definition, whatever that may be) with ” . . . a global ethnic commune . . . .” and at stake in determination is that linkage x language (!) x belief x calendar x customs x identity in self-concept. Jews could, I suppose, measure by Likert scale their own performance in each dimension (e.g., Hebrew 0=None, 5=Fluent) and that might tell something . . . but ask a Jew to embrace another faith and one is more likely to get Muhammad’s 1/0, black-and-white, you-in-you-out perspective on the matter.

The rest is a) demographics and b) invention sidelining the ethnic tie while endorsing and embracing, buying into, the dual Judaic concepts of the God of the universe and justice predicated on the gifts that are human awareness, self-awareness, and conscience predicated on awareness and good regard for the other, as Eve and Adam are to one another when they “cover” (leaving God, sigh, God) to sew the first real clothes.

I should like to have been around to see the first time a primate (or any other form) ever adorned, covered, or made a habit of wearing a loin cloth or anything remotely like it.

FTAC — There’s a threaded conversation around the above blip, if that, on the theological radars scanning for possibility.


The thread starter: Jonathan Tobin’s recent piece in Commentary, “The Problem with American Jewry” (the system’s fast enough to block-and-search a string while I hold on to my next seven free views of the publication, as funding subscriptions to key online publications becomes an issue here).

I might amend that to “fortunately by religion”, for there are more of us than there are of them, and we’re likely to find or highlight in our respective religions greater cause for defending one another as believers and, perhaps, exemplars of the next platform (which related to “coming forward of our respective positions) and thereby promoting in common values good in the sight of God, within the better graces of nature, and beneficial to mankind.

The above comes from another portion of the awesome conversation but with the same person on the same day.

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