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The Pakistani Taliban on Monday took responsibility for the Sunday assault on the country’s largest international airport in Karachi. In six hours of fighting at least 28 people died, including the 10 attackers. “It’s just the beginning,” said Shahidullah Shahid, a spokesman for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, an offspring of the Afghan Taliban.

WSJ.  “The Invasion of Pakistan:The country created the Taliban that now aims to destroy it.”  June 9, 2014.

AFP. “Iraq’s Nineveh province falls to militants.”  June 10, 2014.

Since the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) launched a new offensive in Deir Al-Zor province 40 days ago, 634 people, mainly fighters, have been killed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Daily Star.  “Over 600 dead in ISIS offensive in east Syria.”  June 10, 2014.

A campaign by hardline Islamists to take control of state schools was laid bare yesterday.

Clark, Laura and Lucy Osborne.  “The damning verdict on Trojan Horse schools: Shocking Ofsted report reveals culture of fear, segregated boys and girls even Christmas banned at schools Islamists plotted to control.”  Mail Online, June 9-10, 2014.

A local police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity — noting that he was not speaking in the name of the authorities — confirmed what the activist said. “Police cars that approach Arab and Muslim areas are regularly attacked with rocks,” he said. “At the moment, local Swedish authorities are not sure how to keep providing public services in those areas. They are even considering rolling back certain state services there. It is just too risky to operate in such a hostile environment. A few residents of the Arab-Muslim areas in Uppsala describe their neighborhoods as ‘Sharia areas where Sweden’s government is not welcome.'”

Zahran, Mudar.  “In Sweden and the West, What Message Are We Muslims Sending?”  Gatestone Institute, June 10, 2014.

I don’t know if the world will get its caliphate, but it appears to be getting its global war.

Never mind, Mr. Zahran, what messages Muslims may be sending in and to Sweden and the west (or that other entity, Great Britain): what messages are Muslims sending to Muslims worldwide?

At the moment, it appears King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decided to commit infanticide on the basis of his own capricious pique, and why not?  Is he not infallible?  Does his authority not rest on direct appointment by God?  Where Allah may be merciful, must he be so as well?  Who says?

And who cares about four girls anyway?

It’s true: I fear to list for their silence the “feminists” whom I’ve come to know through their writing in social media.

Christian, Jewish, or Muslim: in the face of what King Abdullah appears to have in mind for his disfavored daughters — silence!

For the malignant narcissist, whether Bashar al-Assad or King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — or just the average mafioso — the whole world is their world (or will be), and they are to bathe in its adulation and love (“narcissistic supply”) without end.  Whether met in family or on the grand tours known to statesmen, these same appear to have no “off button”.  The path they take from manipulation to control to sadism is certain, and they exceed limits.

From out of his loins, the King of Saudi Arabia made his contribution to the conception and birth of four beautiful, healthy girls, and now he is killing them slowly, and it appears no power on earth has the power to forestall the crime.

When he is done, this one heinous act will stand for him — will represent him, his character, his image — for all time.

It will contribute as well to the message that Islam sends the west about its conception of power and what it does with its vision.

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