Empirical method vs magical thinking is part of contemporary conflict as are secret societies vs open ones (but none are completely open) and loyalty to power vs integrity and loyalty only to what is ideal, what is God, and what are nature and the universe. Which of the worlds should one wish to inhabit: the world of everything imaginable is possible? The world of knowing, not guessing, with high probability of accurate perception?

On the web, I’ve been swimming of late through the worlds of “preppers” and “truthers”, one community preparing three-day “bug out bags” for the short-term surviving of a disaster, which admittedly, is nowhere impossible, and the latter continuing to blame all large-force variables on the usual pack of suspects: the Jews, the United States, the CIA, Mossad, et al. ย If it’s hidden in their soul and projected into reality, the same in targets suits the ascription of responsibility: the hidden hands of hidden will have arranged their worlds, and they are hell bent on figuring things out by guessing wildly, seeing selectively, and proving their perceptions objective, however disingenuous or tortured their arguments may be.

Given the shakiness of such realities, I’m inclined myself to turn some attention to writing fictions.


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