Modern standards may link to a better informed perception of demarcations between childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It hasn’t anything to do with affluence: we just know better. Cultures that maintain an earliest onset standard (or worse) may well be regarded as backwards and, frankly, stupid (uninformed) or stubborn or both. As with “honor killing”, we may recognize the anthropological and cultural evolution of the social behavior (we’re a wild species, after all, and we invent ourselves and pass on our invention through generations), but we don’t have to validate it or otherwise fit it into modern terms.

The topic was childhood marriages and related abuses, and the above paragraph was my thread-killer response.

While worldviews needs must shift with boundary changes and knowledge in the world, evolving cultural self-concept may involve selective discarding of no longer useful assumptions or habits of mind.  Why hold on to what is not true?  Or to what failed to work?  Or what is not working?  Or what is needlessly, uselessly dangerous or painful to another?

None sail without casting off lines and leaving old ports of call.

From another thread in response to not being dictated to by the U.S.:

Independence in curiosity and thought may not be dictated. Those attributes would seem within the province of the adventurous and bright across cultures and across time. However, exploration, illumination, insight, surprise, and vision may may be bound together in the complete intellectual tour.

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