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Noam is a bright little boy who got a lot of attention in the campus-borne movements of the Vietnam Era, and he’s been loyal to causes and figures throughout at the expense of honesty and integrity.

This catches up with him as linguistics proves larger and more surprising than even himself (reference: Daniel Everett, linguistics) and as the absurdities in his position become glaring.

I had a friend suggest to me this morning that VEVAK, the Iranian intelligence service, has leveraged private money in KSA and Qatar to seed ISIS and is using the same to drain US-NATO resources, overrun Sunni Islam, and then lend itself to the same behind-the-curtains methods used to get it started but in the end to take it apart, finish it off, and leave the Islamic Devilution in Iran in charge of a larger world and its wealth (look-up: “Setad, Iran”).

Well, why not?

It makes as much sense as Chomsky’s disingenuous New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost Left patter.

Source of inspiration:

http://topinfopost.com/2014/10/06/noam-chomsky-the-united-states-created-isis – 10/6/2014.

War by proxy, war planning behind the curtains, hijacked religions, hijacked states (including perhaps the United States of America by a Manchurian Obama) appear to be themes playing in the background of the Islamic Small Wars.

What are the world’s secret security services and intelligence operations doing . . . right now?


And is Obama addressing ISIS as an acute challenge deserving sorties while Iraqi Sunni and Shiite communities sort themselves out far enough to enlarge the scale and scope of the war or get around it (together) now?

Have the Ayatollah and the capitalist and piratical Setad umbrella become powerful enough to blackmail or otherwise manipulate pockets of private wealth in Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

BackChannels will refuse right here to pull an Alex Jones on you and fly whirlybird style into thin air, but there is the region of the hidden, private, and shameful (probably) in which politics takes place off stage and lives are destroyed in the maniacal gathering of power to an immense fragile malignancy.

Pair for entertainment: VEVAK : ISIS

There will be records, and when it’s all over some day, perhaps we will be able to read them together.

Posted to YouTube in 2011:

Dig the English accent, the cocktail lounge underscore, the glamour, and pour me a martini, stirred, never shaken.

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