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I’ve joked about the dictator “Putin-Assad-Khamenei — together they are defending political absolutism”, but recently I’ve become curious about the roles played by Putin’s FSB and Khamenei’s VEVAK in the middle east and in relation to drawing down U.S.-NATO resources and resolve.

Khamenei coming out and pointing the finger the CIA for ISIS, a huge absurdity, makes me want to point the finger back at VEVAK by way of blackmailed private money in KSA and Qatar. I know I know I know and promise not to indulge further in conspiracy-think but given the consolidation of wealth in Iran’s Setad operation, the dictator “Khamenei-Putin-Assad” might make some sense.

The public — any public — knows one thing about secrets-keeping in times of war: if the authorities aren’t talking candidly, conditions might be larger and worse than imagined.

Two items inspired the note in the Awesome Conversation: one was the initiation of Russo-Iranian military exercises in the Caspian Sea (Times of Israel, October 17, 2014); the other was Khamenei’s off-the-wall accusation through his Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi of combined Mossad, MI6, and CIA involvement in launching, so I call it, “BadDaddy’s Islamic Hate” AKA “ISIS”.

Should that finger pointing not be pointing back at the Islamic Devilution in Iran?

Too much politics “behind the curtains” destroys democracies and perhaps only temporarily strengthens despots.  What is certain today would seem Putin’s deeply callous (for Sochi: $51 billion; for Syrian relief: $0) relationship with a Syrian regime that set off on political suppression by jailing and torturing children caught up in protest, appears to have moved to spare ISIS and related positions while bombing the hell out of noncombatant targets, and appears now to be sucking NATO toward collision on both Iraqi and Israeli flanks.

That Iran would undertake to create an enemy designed to distract Washington and that it might clean up should it make major gains makes more sense than Washington creating the monster against which it has been actively flying missions and seeking a strategy to undermine ISIS in every way possible.

So if ISIS has not been a Washington project, whose baby might it turn out to have been after all?

Who invested some seed money in it?

Given the criminal abuse of its own subjugated people – by theft or by hanging — and its long demonstrated indulgence in deception, deflection, and dishonesty with others, might it be . . . ?

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