Nisman’s death was the tragic consequence of a corrupt, some would even say mafia-like, political system gone out of control. In her address to the Senate on February 11, Argentine literary critic Beatriz Sarlo said that while she saw sadness at the death of Perón, Alfonsín and Nestor Kirchner, the mourning at Nisman’s death is of another order:

People cried on my shoulder and they cried on each other’s shoulders. It is a people who feel their destiny is subordinated to forces they do not know; it is a people who do not know if these forces can be mastered and overcome.
Paradoxically, one of the strongest forces distorting and undermining Argentina’s integrity is an intense culture of loyalty. – 2/17/2015.

Worldwide: despotic vs democratic; feudal vs modern; integrity before God vs loyalty to ruthless, sadistic, and unbridled power.

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