Some simplifications for practical discussion of all of the above:

1. “Red Brown Green” | Putin – Assad – Khamenei – Orban – Erdogan | Political Absolutism | Post-Communist, Neo-Feudal , New Nationalist, and, sigh, Islamist. Any fighting are with or against “Red Brown Green” as a specific political alignment and backbone.

2. Metonymic Pairs | Religious Texts : Evolve or Suffer : and let us all get off the monotheist blood-go-round and have a good critical hard look at what is worthy of investment now and what may be repudiated. A puzzle is easier to deal with than an injunction.

3. Dictatorship | Malignant Narcissism | Political Control | Political Sadism — how is it that the worst people have gotten into the most expensive of palatial residences (give a wave to Erdogan when you pass by the White one).

4. Disaggregate if Observing Others | Reach Back in Heritage if Adjusting Cultural Navigation.

I wholeheartedly reject the basis for burning animals on communal altars (except to eat them in good company). That in no way impedes or rejects some basis for my Jewishness.

However, as I do not speak Hebrew while loving English and being an American and perhaps a humanist (thank Adler, among others), I may suggest that if “ChriJewsLims” wish for peace, we do it together. The American rule amounts to “religion at our own expense”, i.e., a private matter, not a matter of public discussion or evaluation, and a matter not to be forced upon others. We are not going back to the medieval mode although that same may goad us (together) to go forward.

5. Time is the New Space — I think it has rivers running across its plain, and there may be one up ahead.

# # #