During the last year or so Viktor Orbán has been busy trying to appease the European Union while hoping to get added benefits from Russia.

To his domestic critics Orbán’s performance yesterday was embarrassingly subservient. Attila Ara-Kovács, the foreign policy adviser to the Demokratikus Koalíció, described Putin as “a landlord” who came to look around his estate while Orbán the bailiff stood by, awaiting the master’s orders.

http://hungarianspectrum.org/2015/02/19/the-putin-visit-a-day-after/comment-page-1/?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-2 – 2/19/2015.

In Budapest late on Monday, about 1,000 people protested against Putin’s visit.

“We don’t agree with the fact that Viktor Orban receives Putin while the leaders of democratic Europe do not receive him,” said 57-year-old protester Gabor Faradi. He held a banner which read “We won’t be a Russian colony”.

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