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April 12, 2015.

February 25, 2015.

Associate the theme of this blog, “malignant narcissism”, with “bullying, deceiving, and sabotaging.”

Two videos plus one:

February 24, 2015.


The missing Hirsi Ali video had recorded her observations in relation to watching the video that followed.  BackChannels does not (yet) know what happened with regard to that video.  By way of the spirit of this post and the blog that surrounds it, here is a more recent YouTube video featuring Ayaan Hirsi Ali and consistent with the role she has carved out as a public intellectual critical of Islam.

Posted to YouTube April 12, 2015.

Original Post: http://www.c-span.org/video/?325228-1/ayaan-hirsi-ali-national-press-club-luncheon-remarks – 4/7/2015.  (Note: 9/3/2015: the video continues to appear and may be accessed on the C-Span site).

Mentioned in the above video:


A broad and unique Islamic reform conversation may be accessed at New Age Islam.

While the Jewish Virtual Library maintains a page on “Ethical Monotheism”, BackChannels has yet to see a de-ethnicized (set apart from originating ethnolinguistic culture) Jewish option in belief and faith apart from the Ethical Culture Movement launched by Felix Adler.

Published last year, April 4:

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