True, Muslims in Myanmar face genocidal persecution at the hands of state backed Buddhist extremists. To follow the thinking of the Pamela Gellers, Bill Mahers and Daniel Pipes of this world to its logical conclusion is to see Myanmar replicated in the West. It would require state sponsored genocide on several continents to even begin to put a dent in growth of the Islamic religion. Islamophobia can be very nasty, but even the most committed group of sit-in-a-think-tank-and-babble-on-about-taqiya Islamophobes cannot possibly pose an existential threat to the Islamic faith.

Unfortunately, the situation regarding Jewish communities around the world is much more precarious.

Dandachi, Aboud.  “It’s Not Islamophobia That Keeps Me Up At Night, it’s Antisemitism.” From Homs to Istanbul, April 16, 2015.

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