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Source: Pesta, Abigail.  “Iraqi woman most wanted by ISIS gives tearful account of extremist group’s atrocities.”  Women in the World in Association with The New York Times, April 23, 2015.

I spoke last Wednesday night at Brooklyn College, if you can still call it that. Every seat was filled – 80 percent by Muslim students. If this is the future, it is murder. The sneers, the jeers, the laughter – my discussion of the most savage jihad acts was met with huge peals of laughter. It wasn’t a talk; it was a vicious circus: lawless and shameful.

From the moment I began to speak, the Muslim students were cackling and catcalling with Jew-hating remarks and jeers.

http://pamelageller.com/2015/04/pamela-geller-wnd-isis-at-brooklyn-college.html/#sthash.clTfmR90.dpuf – The event took place April 22, 2015.

Last fall, The New York Times referred to ISIS as a “cult of sadism” (October 2, 2014), noting of the center of ISIS power in Iraq and Syria, “In this confused and complex landscape, the Islamic State seems a model of remorseless clarity.  We have not seen the last of its horrors.”

Recommended for insightful reading in the psychology involved: any of the works of Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin.

Related on BackChannels: “JiSadists — An Update on Westgate Mall Barbarity.”  October 1, 2013.

BackChannels got its start elsewhere with comments on the 2006-7 assault by al-Shabaab on Somali, and its author then noted its caprice in dealing death to Muslims.  The al-Qaeda-type group appeared then to have the conscience of an earthquake or typhoon, both mindless forces of nature, which is to say it appeared to have no conscience at all.  After seven years, the only change marked by Daesh appears to be the amplified scale of the firepower, the general warfare, and the vacuous horror visited on those whose bodies, minds, and souls it destroys.

While al-Qaeda was once the most barbaric terror group in the world, that dubious label now goes to ISIS.

http://abc30.com/news/filmmaker-interviews-isis-fighters-for-documentary/680517/ – 4/24/2015.

I know this piece is all over the map . . . but what fresh observation from media is wanted?

From the documentary filmmaker mentioned in the above article, Itai Anghel:

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From the Awesome Conversation, one friend asked in reference to this piece, “Where are America’s most prominent feminists? The Naomi Wolf, Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman? sadly many are Jewish.”

BackChannels would suggest that some mouths have been trained in a certain political aesthetics: what is “cool”.  Some people will stick with “what was cool” even while time wraps layers of change around them, and they become like amber, old, shiny, and fixed.

The developed empathy that drove a humanist liberalism would do well to confront new challenges.  The Jewish community, conservative and liberal, will always address abuse, disconcern, neglect in the promotion of human dignity and human rights, but it may need to update now and then its assessments of the ambitions of its fellow travelers.

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