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This inexplicable savage violence is typically attributed to psychological warfare, military tactics or individual acts of brutality but for Jihadists they are justifiable sacred acts against the enemies of Islam. They are ritual murders that are consistent with a growing global Jihadist method of operation [MO]. Similar acts of torture, rape, beheading and mutilation regularly occur in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria and other countries.

Jihadist Ritual Murder & Mutilation at the Mall | FrontPage Magazine – 10/1/2013.

In the larger view, engagement and indulgence in violence are not the province of one criminal or religious motivation but a part of the complex cultural psychology of our species and the cultures and subcultures it generates.  Brought into empirical view, the behavior of interest — outrageous and unbridled gang violence — becomes less significant in history and much, much less romantic by way of related desires and dreams.

We may not have a religious issue per se with Islam or Islamists bur rather the challenge of addressing an anthropological phenomenon analog across diverse gangs and tribes.

So who is looking through the microscope and who has been laid out for dissection on a slide?

Dawn Perlmutter’s piece today in FrontPage provides for reflection on the motivation and psychology exhibited in Islamist attacks.

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