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Lumping together 1.6 billion Muslims into one reviled abstraction is a disservice not only to Israel but also to Israel’s values of democracy, diversity, tolerance, and human rights. Muslims are not an abstraction. Among Muslims, you will find neighbors, friends, relatives, business partners, co-workers, and fellow citizens. Among Muslims you will also find some of the fiercest opponents of Islamist extremism. Reality is complex and often overwhelming, but it cannot be explained away by the wholesale demonization of a quarter of the world’s population.

Maroun, Fred.  “If you are anti-Islam then you are no friend of Israel.”  Blog: “An Arab Canadian’s Reflections on Israel”, The Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2015.

Fred Maroun names names — a growing list of them.

In the political psychology, we are perhaps all a little bit full of ourselves as “locus of control” play right along with “the real Jews”, “the true church”, “final word from God” and all of that.  Nonetheless, bearing legacy within ourselves from near birth (or language uptake), we each have many ways of appreciating and enjoying our ethnic and spiritual endowments without feeling compelled to conquer the rest of the world with the same.

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