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Credit Putin, Assad, and Khamenei with the perversion of a modest people’s revolution in Syria (1911) into a grand piece of political theater: “Assad vs The Terrorists”. To get that image, the three leaders, bonded in a post-Soviet and now neo-feudal arrangement in relationship, had to adopt the strategy of bombing moderate Syrians to hell, basically, and allowing the colonizing growth of the al-Qaeda-type organizations to take over the field. http://www.newsweek.com/us-accuses-assad-aiding-islamic…

The behind-the-scenes story was relayed to me in the early winter of 2014, which means it had been observed earlier (by a Syrian refugee) in the theater.

The feudal-mind and leaders among them, “Red, Brown, or Green” — i.e., post-Soviet Russian; new National Socialists (like Jobbik in Hungary); and “the Islamists” — don’t care about people (revisit the recent history of the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp). What they care about in clinical terms is “narcissistic supply”; in more familiar terms is their own mirrored grandiose and messianic delusions: they have dealt themselves wealth, power, and palaces (and a $51 billion Winter Olympics) while this suffering in Syria was unfolding.

Also ranked among billionaires: Ismail Haniyeh; Khaled Mashaal.

Sold to the incurious: oil and Israel; discerned by the independent: “syndicate red brown green” — leaders gambling on their own lawlessness and the survival of medievalism and feudal absolute power.

At this point, it’s old sawing on BackChannels; still, the theme comes up in numerous online social circumstance, especially the assertion that the U.S. created Daesh, a good example of the “paranoid delusional narcissistic reflection of motivation”: it needs an answer, and that answer has been available for years.

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