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In the months that followed, it became very clear that the Eye Doctor was counting on attitudes like mine. His airforce bombed every part of the country, except those towns occupied by ISIS. His army fought every opposition brigade, but made sure to leave ISIS units well alone. ISIS in turn abducted even more opposition activists, murdered the commanders of other brigades, and generally left the regime’s forces to do as they liked.

The Eye Doctor and ISIS feed off one another; the existence of one legitimized the continued existence of the other.

Amazon.com: The Doctor,The Eye Doctor and Me: Analogies and Parallels Between The World of Doctor Who and the Syrian Conflict.  eBook: Aboud Dandachi: Kindle Store – Kindle Edition, 94-101, 2/17/2014.

Also: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/409862 (free).


This wry and lived history must surely become one of the classics of political science.

“The Doctor” is “Doctor Who” of perpetuated BBC legend, a doctor who in earthly television series years also happens to be 50 years old.

“The Eye Doctor” is, of course, ophthalmologist and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Dandachi, trapped in a hotel room in Tartus, Syria for 18 months becomes a Netizen hooked on the BBC program and able to apply his mad software skilz to watching it and helplessly drawing parallels between The Doctor’s and The Eye Doctor’s differing ways.

Should you be cursed with an ounce of sentiment for either al-Assad or the Islamist “armies” hanging off the stinging Medusa jellyfish that is al-Nusra and companions, Aboud Dandachi’s book will cure you of that.

Note: the author of this blog is an independent writer beholden to none, but I have had contact with Aboud Dandachi and learned about his book through him.  I risked my own $0.99 on obtaining it.

Dandachi sells his work quite well too:

Now, a word on politics. There will be political opinions expressed in this book . And they will be expressed strongly. They will be anti-Assad, and very much for the idea of his removal and that of his regime.

And if any reader should find that objectionable, then I’m sorry.

Actually, I’m not. Because nothing can come close to matching the offensiveness of hearing a murderous dictator who made refugees out of millions of Syrians, be described and pitied as a “victim of Zionist/ Wahabi/ CIA Imperialist Empire Building Neo-Con conspiracies. Now let’s go Occupy Wallstreet or something”.

This book is not meant to be an exhaustive review of either Doctor Who or the Syrian revolution-turned -conflict.

So, inadvertently, the reader will have in Kindle hand a thorough, if perhaps not exhaustive, overview of how things got to be so thoroughly stupid in Syria.


If the pro-regime areas in Homs felt under threat and under siege, fearful of retaliations for crimes committed by the regime they had become associated with, then with any luck, they would instinctively look to the regime for protection.

Dandachi, Aboud (2014-02-17). The Doctor,The Eye Doctor and Me: Analogies and Parallels Between The World of Doctor Who and the Syrian Conflict (Kindle Locations 1198-1199). Aboud Dandachi. Kindle Edition.

Assad’s “overreaction” to schoolkid heckling?

Knee jerk, possibly (my call after reading), for as Dandachi makes clear and with forceful argument, the proven more than ruthless dictator deliberately turned up the barbarism dial at the outset to inspire the armed insurrection for which his army had been built!

No wonder so many military officers and state officials have jumped ship across the years.

With no greater force majeure to intervene and all facets seemingly anti-western (not to mention deeply anti-Semitic, at least at face value), what has become an Assad vs Islamist war continues to burn through the productive center of Syrian society.


. . . what was needed was for a way for the very people the regime depended on to suppress the demonstrations, to feel that they weren’t so much defending the regime, as defending their very lives, the lives of their communities and families. The men who made up the armed forces and security agencies had to be made to believe that the revolution posed an existential threat to them and all they held dear.

Going on and on about “foreign conspiracies” involving everyone from Zionist-Salafis to the NATO-Wicked Witch of the West could only be effective for a limited amount of time . . . .

Dandachi, Aboud (2014-02-17). The Doctor,The Eye Doctor and Me: Analogies and Parallels Between The World of Doctor Who and the Syrian Conflict (Kindle Locations 1145-1149). Aboud Dandachi. Kindle Edition.

Every sentence, paragraph bloc, page, and chapter read as well, much fulfilling Aristotle’s dictum “to educate, entertain, and delight.”

The Doctor (sort of) – Vid’ and URL to the Doctor Who Share List (YouTube)

Sonic Screwdriver (Trock Parody of Telephone by Lady Gaga) – YouTube

The Eye Doctor

Bashar al-Assad Interview with Fox News Part 4Syria: Syrian President Bashar al Assad Charlie Rose – YouTube – 2/26/2014:

“It doesn’t matter what they say, whether he is a dictator or a reformer.  Today you have propaganda.  Do they say the same word about their allies in the Gulf states?  Do they talk about dictatorship in the Gulf states? — We’re talking about Syria now — I know, but I have the right to answer about the other regimes, er, states, that they are much far from democracy than the Syrian state.”

Dandachi talks about the private money funding al-Nusra and ISIS and here in the above clip, Assad himself draws the convenient and logical comparison between his absolute rule and the same astonishingly narcissistic construct working through the wallets and minds of the forces arrayed against him.

Why should the President of Syria rollover to democracy when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and others retain equal interest in the similarly despotic accretion and expression of wealth?

No wonder there has been no intervening force of magnificent Doctor Who-like scale in Syria.

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